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Full Version: My insurance won't total my wrecked vehicle
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Anyone have any experience with pushing an insurance company to total a vehicle that's been in a wreck?  I hit a tree in a pretty damaging collision (no bodily injury) but the insurance company wants to spend months and months in a massive repair.  It was my second home and I don't have any rental car coverage nor am I allowed to add 'diminished value' on top of the damages.  So basically I have to spend this summer borrowing someone else's car and making car payments for a vehicle that's in the shop, since I can't 'force' them to just total it and give me a new one.  Ugh.
we need more info. what's the value of the van? what's the repair cost? why is it going to take months to repair? highdesertranger
That's ROTTEN! We "do" need more details though. Year, make, model, equipment, etc. Next, insist that they start by putting it on a frame machine to check spec. Let them know that you will accept nothing less than perfect repair that will make it drive just the same as it did before. I'm amazed they didn't total it. They used to do that at almost the drop of a hat.
Call your State Insurance Commission (SIC -- should be at least named something similiar). Most insurance companies tend to tiptoe around the SIC, because they are the ones who allow the insurance companies to operate in your state. They try not to antagonize the SIC, because if they do it too many times, they could lose their license.

The person who answers the phone is just a receptionist, so have a description of your problem that doesn't exceed three or four sentences -- general explanation only.

She will have someone send you some forms to fill out, and that's where you put all the details. Don't leave gaps. Mail it back.

Here in WA, it takes about two weeks to get results.
^Thanks I'm in WA too, already did that and a nice lady there pestered my adjuster for me but it didn't seem to have any effect.

I had insured about 48k worth of the vehicle and the equipment, the damage is at 26k right now which the adjuster says isn't 'even close' to a total loss. It's at one of the best shops in the state with no affiliations with the insurance, and guy at the shop says (discreetly) he knows I want to total it and he's still trying to increase the estimate, but he makes no promises of course.

My only hope at this point is that the shop will let me go in on weekends and work on the vehicle so at least this summer I can get some modifications done Sad

To anyone reading this: GET RENTAL CAR (SUBSTITUTE VEHICLE) INSURANCE! It only costs like $5 extra a month and not only would I have a free substitute car but it would have EASILY tipped me over to totaled over a multiple-month repair.
Damn that is crappy
I'm sorry to hear that. Even the SIC can't do anything if the ins. co. rules are in b&w on the policy. I suspect that they can mostly help out in the 'gray' areas, or where the ins. co. is being deceitful (it happens). Just out of curiosity, which ins. co. do you have?
Umm, there's a guy on the forums from the Midwest who is a "public adjuster", which is basically a hired gun who works for you and gets about 10% commission, at least that's what I remember. I think he might know of some things... Trying to remember his handle... "Every Road Leads Home" I believe...

TrainChaser gave you the only thing that I know, that is the state insurance commissioner. If the damages are 50% even with any supplemental costs its likely still too low, I think many companies are at the 75-80% mark before they total you out.

I'd question the loss of value though, as you can get car lots to give letters saying a vehicle that was in a major collision is worth less when selling. I know that I personally wouldn't want one...

Now if you are going through your own company you may not want to get too pissy or face a non-renewal..., which if its a single car accident it sounds like that's your situation.
so your vehicle was insured 45k or the vehicle and contents were insured for 45k? I have never heard of a body shop taking months to do a repair, any reason that they gave you for this? highdesertranger
??trying to up the quote??
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