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Full Version: a good idea.
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Hi Bob,
Silly question for you to ponder unless you have already been working on this...
Can you produce a bumper sticker that let's all rv, car, and van dwellers recognize a fellow nomad with a sign saying, "friend of Bob Wells"? Charge $5 for it to offset costs with a small profit locked in...
What do you think?
Love, gigi morton
I'm much too humble to do that!!! But I appreciate the thought!
I second that request. IRV2 has a sticker. The Ford site I go to has a sticker. Would love to have a Cheaprvliving sticker on my rv.
actually we had one for awhile,


the member who did these is no longer here.  can anybody do these?  highdesertranger
I would buy 2! One for my future van and one for my current car
There are companies out there that will print custom bumper stickers.  Vista Print is one of several, and they will print a single custom 11" x 3" bumpersticker for only $2.99.

It wasn't hard to go into Photoshop and do a simple design like this:


Which anyone who wants to can download and use for an upload to that site.

They also do those round Euro Ovals, which I've never really cared for personally.

There are also companies out there that do custom license plate frames.  One could put Cheap RV Living on the top of the frame, and their screen name on the bottom.

  Cheap RV Living

Optimistic Paranoid
BTW, I believe Mr. Noodly mentioned that he is a retired graphic designer.  I'm sure he could knock out a MUCH nicer design for uploading than the simple thing I put up here.

Someone would have to ask him real nicely . . .
On my VW camper I had custom stickers made for the rear window.
My Wifes ala mater...... Trenton State College ....... now poorly renamed as the college of new jersey
My Van's name...... Freihofer
My VW site profile name..... djkeev

No site ID, its a given to those active in the classic VW World.

Don't care for the ovals either. I do like it spelled out but would be better with the Red around RV and the .com like the banner shows. Sure I could get one made but much more likely to order one off the site or from a member.
How about...........Where's Bob and under that with Bob's permission of course Idea
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