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Full Version: Pink foam sheets melting
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Started insulating the van today. Using Owens Corning Pink panels. When I sprayed 3M 90 adhesive on the pieces, it melted the foam?  Is this normal?
I don't think so.  You need to find an adhesive that is compatible with that foam.  

Some sprays will dissolve plastic foam quickly.
yes it's normal, chemical reaction. always do a small test to see if things are compatible. I believe it states this on the can of 3M adhesive. always read the instruction when dealing with chemicals, did I mention always. highdesertranger
Well, I googled "3M spray melts polystyrene foam" and got this:

"However, do not use 3M Super77 on polystyrene/EPS products, as the chemical structure of the adhesive melts the foam."

3M 90 is listed as being used for woods and metal. 3M does have a #78 product specifically for polystyrene foam, if that is what you have.

That's the best I have found for you. What did the fine print on the can say?
On each glue type there is a list of materials it works on. Unless it lists foam or polystyrene it will probably melt it.

Gorilla glue and Elmer's white glue both work. I don't know if there is a spray glue that will work that is easy to find locally, but there should be some online.

I use Gorilla glue, it doesn't take much. It will expand and leave a gap between the pieces, though, if that is a concern. You might be able to stop that by putting weight on top of it while it dries.
Foam is a product which is known for interference from solvent-based adhesives.

Many adhesive products will state, "not for use on foam" or "for use on foam" or similar.

If it dissolves the foam, it is not the right product to use. This is a well-known compatibility issue. Read labels.
If you got electricity available, use a hotglue gun. Its all I use to glue the foam in my van. I just use the generic glue sticks from harbor freight ,but they make specific glue sticks for different materials. The generic gluesticks stick to everything.

These are great people here! Really helpful!
Looks like you must choose the right adhesive, the panels with a reflective covering may be able to handle it, but you must do the research.
INSTRUCTIONS???? I DON"T NEED NO STINKIN INSTRUCTIONS!!!!  Or...maybe I do...Appreciate everyone's input and ideas.  Somehow I got the feeling reading through the forum that 3M 90 was the best way to go.  Apparently it isn't.  Bought a Locktite product that is used in caulking gun a few minutes ago at Lowes that looks promising (yes...I read the container).  I'll let you know how it works out.
I do have a glue gun and electric, so I'll explore that option as well if needed.  Couldn't find 3M 78 spray cans at my local HD or Lowes, but that looks like it would be fine to use also.  Thanks everyone!
remember to test it on a small piece. highdesertranger
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