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What does one do to plan for the eventual decline of health\death while on the road?

For those who have jettisoned all ties to civilization, sold the house, and hit the bricks; what are the plans for when it comes to an end?...does one simply find a nice spot for the closing curtain? 

If you are full timing it, sold your home and lost all connections with a "civilized" society,  what if any are your plans to come off the road? Do you find an apartment, fall on the tender mercies of nursing home?...

I feel like my end will be that of "breaking Bad" where death is just a moment away for mike and he tells Walter...."shut up Walter and just let me die in peace". (I hope my end is peaceful  and not predicated via a gunshot wound.)
This 'lost all connections with a "civilized" society' idea is very odd.

Living mobile does not mean that to me at all, not like I'm moving to a desert island or a cave in the Himalayas.

Connections to family and friends are critical to a good life, isolating yourself a very poor choice.

Make your plans, and then work hard to ensure a strong community of people is there to help implement them when the time comes.

Personally I want my bones left somewhere the vultures can pick them clean. Or burial at sea.
john, thanks for your reply. What I meant by the civilized society, was the mortgage on the home, 9-5, non stop commercialism, etc. I agree that we are nothing if we don't have connections with others. I couldn't imagine a life with the comfort of an email from a friend, an invitation from a family member and the good things that make us human.

I over think things a lot...much to my detriment at times...
I made more connections on the road than ever.  Due to health, I am back in a S & B  Sad with much less junk.  I just know I have more options. 

Arlo Guthrie ang many versions of the garden song.  This is my favorite ending.

If I should die before I wake,
All my bone and sinew take
Put me in the compost pile
To decompose me for a while.

Worms, water, sun will have their way,
Returning me to common clay
All that I am will feed the trees
And little fishes in the seas.

When radishes and corn you munch,
You may be having me for lunch
And then excrete me with a grin,
Chortling, "There goes Lee again."

'Twill be my happiest destiny
To die and live eternally.
I told my family and friends several years ago that I will end my life when I get to the point I can't live on my own terms. I don't want to face years of physical and mental decline and dependency. So I'll send a farewell email, go out in the boonies somewhere, and pull the trigger.
Hubby and I have discussed this at length. I've already been in the situation where I've had a motorized chair and walker, and another time with a broken foot which impaired my mobility greatly. As an RN doing chromic condition management, I saw too often people having to change their lives based on becoming disabled in some way. Too many people lose independence (and impractical houses and apartments) because they can no longer ambulate up stairs and across other barriers.

We've done so much traveling and at this point, we really don't see an arbitrary end point. Since there is the two of us, we have a little more flexibility. I've already claimed dibs on being the first to go, so DH will have to do what works for him (seriously, though, we have have 4 kids who have already said that they will help us if we were to need it).

With the likely scenario of limited mobility causing a barrier to van living, we've already decided that when we get tired of, or are unable to live/travel in the van, we will get a toy hauler. That way we can stay in our home and continue to travel. With a toy hauler ramp, we can use a scooter, wheelchair, walker or other assistive devices. And if needed, we could even roll a hospital bed up the ramp. If using a hospital bed, we would have to stay put until the immobile one croaks. Assisted suicide is the choice if I become incontinent. I will not have my children changing my diapers.

So our plans are: 1) traveling and living in the van until it doesn't work anymore, 2) get a toy hauler (with all the electric options to make things easier), and 3), like anyone else at that point, cross that bridge when we get to it. What's that phrase? I think it's like "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans".
Tough question, may not garner a lot of replies as most young folk don't even consider their eventual demise, and older folk are often afraid to think about it and try to "push the thoughts off/ignore the topic". Kudos to WalkaboutTed for commenting as she did.

If you look at some trailer parks you may find older rv's that are no longer roadworthy, being lived in by a senior who cannot drive anymore and is just living out their last days. That's one of the sadder endings, yet the oft-mentioned "I will go live with one of my kids" is no panacea either, a neighbor has a younger (68) sister who had 4 kids, none of them want anything to do with her, so she exists ina run down trailer park in LA.

While many would like to simply have some medical event that quickly takes their life while camping out on N Forest land or BLM property, its not real likely. Yes you can choose to end your own life, that's always a possibility.

This is a tough topic and for the forum members who are getting "up there" or with chronic or terminal medical conditions it certainly is an issue that's coming. I wish I had an answer...
A particularly tough topic for those of us with furry companions.  Die suddenly in the middle of nowhere and the odds are your buddy, locked in with you, is going to have a slow, agonizing death.  One advantage of sticks and bricks is that there are agencies that will call your phone daily, and come check on you if you don't answer.  It may be too late for you, but your buddy will be saved.
Hey Optimistic,
Just make sure your pet has plenty of water and if you die, he'll have multiple meals. Humans make great chew toys.
OP, don't worry about the furry one if you die with fuzzy locked in the car with you the last problem he will have is "finding enough to eat" I'm sure he will find enough "just laying around" to eat for at least a week.
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