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Full Version: Am I going to regret this stack? How did you build your floor?
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So my floor stack plan is as such: 1/2" plywood as subfloor, 1" of polyisocyanurate rigid foam insulation, .08" hardboard as seperator/force distributor, 1/4" carpet underlayment + sound deadening, carpet, for a total of about 2" thick.
I do intend to have air circulation, so I'm guessing floor insulation is needed, do you agree?
Will this floor be squishy?
How have you built your floor?
If you glue the poly to the 1/2" and then glue the top 3/4 to the poly, you'll have made a SIPS panel.
Incredibly strong!

A few thoughts in no particular order...

1) Not sure why the plywood goes under the polyIso...I'm guessing you're looking at all the sheetmetal indentations on the floor and wanting to even them out? I'd consider gluing the polyIso directly to the metal floor. If you make liberal use of a product such as Sikaflex 221, it will actually dry in low spots to provide support to foam on top. If use adhesive sparingly, I believe the polyIso will compact into low spots and provide even support. Both scenarios will have best chance if the low areas aren't more than 1/4" to 3/8" deep.

2) polyIso will lay nice and flat for you, allowing easy use of boards/weights to hold it flat while drying. 1/2" plywood will have a mind of its own to varying degrees...will need a plan for screws and/or weights to hold flat when adhesive cures.

3) most people don't insulate van floors and those that do rarely use 1" plus all the other stuff you plan. I'm not sure I understand your comment "I do intend to have air circulation, so I'm guessing floor insulation is needed". If you plan to run AC in hot climates, floor insulation makes sense to a degree, but "air circulation" doesn't quite compute as reasoning...

4) resilient flooring like vinyl or wood makes for a much easier to clean area...can always use throw rugs.

5) Here's my floor buildup: It's 1.5" polyIso covered with 1/4" luan, which will then be covered with resilient flooring. All glued together with Sikaflex...

[Image: IMG_20170604_135412_zps8ghw2ckb.jpg]
My cargo van came with a rubber mat over a jute-like pad. I put a couple of throw rugs over it and called it a day. If my feet get cold I put on shoes. But I'm not living anywhere that has real winters.
You didn't specify what you're putting the floor in but in a lot of cases insulation on the floor is really  not needed.

I limit the time I park on hot asphalt to when I'm going grocery shopping and try to never live for long in either too hot or too cold a climate although Mother Nature sometimes plays havoc with my best laid plans.... Big Grin 

I simply used 3/4" plywood on the floor of the van and then vinyl laminate flooring over top. I wanted something thick enough that I could get a good grip with screws to mount all the cabinets/bed frame etc.

I laid the plywood out such that there are no seams exposed to any area that has foot traffic. 1 - 4x8 sheet was placed just behind the passenger seat, carved out along the passenger side wall, a 2x8 length (1/2sheet of plywood) filled in the drivers' side nicely and then the other 1/2 sheet was used to complete the rear area of the van back to the rear cargo doors.

In retrospect I should have laid the laminate flooring before I put all the cabinets in place. I was being cost conscious but it was a whole lot more work to cut in all the fiddly parts around the cabinets and bed sections.

If the floor gets too cold for comfort I put on a couple of pair of heavy wool socks or put my shoes back on.
To answer your question:  YES.  Read what Bob has to say about insulating floors.
Seems like overkill to me.
(06-05-2017, 11:30 AM)closeanuf Wrote: [ -> ]To answer your question:  YES.  Read what Bob has to say about insulating floors.

Where can I read about this? 
I cant seem to find it : S
Here's how Bob is doing his latest van floor:
About 17.5 minutes.
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