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Full Version: Is there an index to Bob's videos?
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There are several of Bob's videos that I would like to watch again, but I can't find them.  The woman who did all the work in what I think was a cargo trailer, she used to race boats?  And the guy who tap dances?  How do I find them again?
Seems easier to find if you know the vehicle.... Woman living in a Prius/travel trailer... Couple living in a 5th wheel, etc. Bob needs to hire me as a virtual assistant and I'd put those videos in neat little play lists ;-)
I don't think that Bob imported some of those interviews when he separated his youtube channel from the other one Enigmatic Nomads, not sure that is spelled right. There have been videos that I have seen and cannot find in the search. Using the search feature on youtube will bring some things up though.
Some of the videos may have been lost when Bob and James went their separate ways. I looked through both channels, CheapRVliving and Enigmatic Nomadics, and couldn't find Jerry from Brooklyn's video ( the tap dancer) on either. I don't remember the video of the woman who raced boats so I'm not sure what to look for.
That would have been my guess too.
try ytube search for enigmaticnomadics .
or add a .com for their website.
Gary68, thank you for that link -- I couldn't even find that. I sorted them by date, and found Parker -- she wasn't in a trailer as much as a self-built cabin on a flat-bed truck (the video didn't show that). Also, there was apparently a previous video with Parker, but Bob didn't put a link to it, although he refers to it verbally.

AbuelaLoca, that is an EXCELLENT idea! To paraphrase some Yiddish ladies I met once said, "From your lips [or keyboard] to Bob's ears".