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Full Version: Amazon Work Camperforce Job
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Just curious if anyone could inform me on any restristion Amazon has on the kind of rig you can camp with? Do they allow such things as vans, truck with only a topper, converted cargo trailers, or other non "RV" type of vehicles? Does it depend on the location that you end up working at? We are currently in an SUV but in the future Amazon will be a big part of our income and as we look at new vehicles to upgrade to this issue came up. I'm pretty sure I've seen videos on YouTube with vandwelling people in their "normal" vans working at Amazon but I wanted to hear from people that may know specific requirements these campgrounds/Amazon may have. Thanks!
I worked at Amazon camperforce in Campbellsville Kentucky three years ago and was one of several in just a van. They don't ask what you have, just give you a list of campgrounds to choose from and you book the place. They pay for everything except propane. I liked the job and loved the end of season bonus and free givaways.
2 years ago I was at Murfreesboro, TN and they did have a restriction of no vans. So I think it might be the place. IIRC they said it was something with the campgrounds not allowing it. They told us this during the conference call before final job offers.
I am a newbie to the whole work camping thing but have applied to Amazon.  I have a SUV and a small tent and plan on going up there. They didnt seem to care. Applied to the Sugar Beet deal and at first they said it was cool then 3 weeks later sent me an email that I cant. Best of luck!
you dont have to use their campgrounds. someone said you get more $$ on the hour if you dont.