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Full Version: Bad weather
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Hi, I'm new here, and am a future vandweller. 

I was curious, where do you go in bad weather to be safe, in bad thunderstorms, or hail? Enclosed parking garage? 

It's storming to beat the band where I am right now, and don't think I've seen that question addressed in the vandwelling articles I've seen

That would depend on where I am and what you're calling bad weather!

If it's high wind and I'm in a parking lot then I try to get the front or the back end of the van facing in to the wind so the van doesn't rock and roll from side to side. Or if you've a choice in the matter, go park as close to a building as possible on the lee side

If it's high winds and I'm in a forest in a campsite then I just cross my fingers and hope that I don't get big tree limbs down on it.

If I'm in the desert I try to find as sheltered a spot as possible and close all the windows and doors as tightly as I can so I don't have to do too much cleaning up of dust. If you've an RV then finding a way to block all the vents can keep a lot of the dust out!

Heavy rain...get earplugs if you don't like the noise.

Hail, try to find shelter. If none available, get your insurance company on speed dial.... Big Grin 

Don't worry about thunderstorms unless you've got a dog with you who goes nuts over them!

My van won't fit under the overhead bars at the drive-through let alone in a parking garage Rolleyes
+1 to Almost There's reply... look for a building whose side will shelter you from prevailing wind, if you are in an urban area.  Not much can protect you from hail other than being aware of the coming weather and either staying put under some kind of cover or just accepting it...

Severe T storms are usually predicted days in advance, so use a good weather app or weather band radio.  It's not always possible to avoid them.
There is an app called WINDY. I was recently made aware of it. You find the direction of the winds and point your nose into it. That helps with winds.

Also I am fully insured. If I do have damage I am covered. Sometimes you just have to ride the storm out.

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