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Full Version: Yay!!! First night out!
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Hubby got on my nerves yesterday, so I Iit out for three days.  Let him paint the house.  I left the valley at 104F and it was 82F when I got here, at 8000 feet. 

After a touch of altitude sickness (dry heaves and a fierce headache), which were fixed with a potent chemo anti-nausea drug and acetaminophen, I slept like the dead. I should have brought two blankets, though.  Anyway, I forgot a bunch of stuff, the most important, propane, but providentially brought the rice cooker to boil water for coffee. 

I'd post a photo, as the connection is slow, but it's beautiful, cool,  breezy and so quiet! The vehicle is pretty close to perfect for what we need, as far I can initially assess. 

It took me long enough. Marital spats can be beneficial-this time for me. Big Grin   Maybe I'll take him with me next time. 
Make a list of what you could have used and didn't take.

As for taking him with you next time.... well..... maybe you will and maybe you won't. It just depends.

Glad you're having a good time! I'm looking at rain outside and dust bunnies the size of cattle inside. Trade?
Sounds like a blast!
Ahhhhh the quiet!! My campground was crowded, but in the still of the night... yes, it was wonderful! Glad you got out there and enjoyed!!
I think you needed to do that. Just enjoy the location and peace. Sometimes we just have to take care of ourselves. Have fun!
As long as you enjoyed it...thats all that matters.
LOL,  well maybe you should each take a turn at solo flights like this. 

Might do your marriage good when each of you can go decompress for awhile.
Too much togetherness ya know. Tongue 

It may be refreshing to see the DH eager and happy to see you after being away for a spell.
(06-15-2017, 12:23 PM)TrainChaser Wrote: [ -> ]....dust bunnies the size of cattle.....  

Hey, you peeked! I had no idea my webcam was on...