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Full Version: Weight Distribution Hitches
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I got my E-trailer news letter it's about Weight Distribution Hitches.  thought I would share,

Yes,  if you are going to tow a heavy trailer a weight distribution hitch should be a must.  Next to that a Sway Control system.  You'll never know when you may be out on the road in high wind gust.

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSVvmQu3hBRHiafEwG779w...CXuPpBsUSq]

[Image: sway-control.png]

If you're thinking about buying a trailer to tow or luck into a deal on one that's hard to pass up,  you'll also want to learn about hitches like these. 

If you've only lived out of a Van Rig etc never towing anything this is a whole other world.  Not that hard to learn about but you still need to become familiar with it if you are going to two something heavy.  .
I can personally vouch for the need of a weight control hitch with a sway anti sway bar.