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i love the nomad lifestyle, but im unsure if its truly for me..heres my story

im 29, disabled, and have been for over 15 years...currently i hate my living situation, life is dull, boring, and just flat sucky..not to mention depressing.

my only vehicle is my older BMW motorcycle,which is fitted with touring/adventure gear 

i volunteer at a horse rescue, and occasionally do mechanic work with a friend.

i want so bad, to go somewhere with good year round weather, i hate the cold..i want to be in a place with neat culture, instead of this redneck town of 4000 people i live in here in central missouri...and ive been trying to get away for 5 years now..and no such luck.

i want to fit in in life, ive been sheltered away for so long, im ashamed im on disability, everyone criticizes it, i cant help my problems, so i never speak of it...i wish i could work a 9-5 job, where im happy

now heres the kicker, i currently live in senior/disabled apartments, paying $217 a month for rent, on top of internet bill at $40, phone at $35, insurance at $30, and small misc things (netflix etc) at $20..after all paid, i still have a decent amount of money left over.

ive been preparing myself to try to live on the road, i sold alot of my things, i sleep on my couch now, no microwave, and just other "useless" things i just really didnt need...and used that money to put into my motorcycle and camping gear.

but heres whats stopping me.

1. rent is so cheap where i am
2. honestly, its scary
3. If i dont have a physical address, my disability goes down
4. my luck is not good, i tend to fail at things, so im afraid i will just end up where i started

ive came to the point of almost giving up, between depression and things, im just at a loss.

any help would be useful. 

also included a picture of my last camping trip last weekend
Why not do both? Put some "bills" on vacation and hit the road...try it out first.
(07-09-2017, 08:07 PM)CautionToTheWind Wrote: [ -> ]Why not do both? Put some "bills" on vacation and hit the road...try it out first.

not sure, i took a ride last night with the full moon to maybe help clear things, and i thought of doing that, i guess that would be the logical thing to do
OK, You're on disability, so I'm guessing you can't work.  You say if you have no permanent address, your disability payments will go down.  You hate where you are, but are not sure if the nomad's life is for you.

Does this need to be either-or?  Rather than go full bore nomadic, have you considered a semi-nomadic existence?

You could move somewhere far away from where you are and get disabled housing and benefits somewhere else.  If you're inland, you could move close to the sea.  If you're on plains, you could move to the mountains.  If you're in the woods, you could move to the desert.  Or vice versa.

Live in your new place for a year, or two, while exploring with your motorcycle, then pack up and move to somewhere else for a year or two.
Dude I traveled on a motorcycle for several years, it was a blast.  Keep your home base since it is so cheap and when you tire of cruising on the bike go home and relax.  I left on a two week motorcycle journey that lasted for years. The thing with motorcycle traveling is you eventually really want a nice home to go back to once you have ben on the road too long.

So keep the home, and travel as much as you like!
Yes, it doesn't have to be all one choice or the other. Pick a direction that looks interesting and head out camping for a week or two. Short trips will show you what you need or don't need, if anything. In the back of your mind, you will know that if it doesn't work like you thought, you will have a home to go back to. That is a freedom that more desperate people don't have.

If you find that you really like it, you can make further decisions as you go, as you will have some experience to base your decision on .

If you find that a little more gear would make things easier/simpler/cheaper, you could get one of those little trailers for motorcycles. I see a lot of them in summer, here in WA, flying up and down the freeway (more on the coast). This could hold a decent tarp for relief from hot, sunny days, or give you more dry space if it's raining.

Just last week, I saw a guy with a GoldWing and a little trailer (probably coming back from the coast). He had a metal box attached to the back (where a second rider would normally sit) that had a fairly heavy wire-mesh top half. Stopping behind him at the light, I saw a little head pop up to see what was going on -- he had what looked like a Fox Terrier in the back.

Tip: camp cooking is a LOT cheaper than buying fast food. Just a plain Big Mac, large fries and a coffee = about $8. X 3 meals a day =$24 X 30 days = $720. If you had a little trailer, you could carry a cooler and some canned and packaged foods. Plus, you would need a small stove -- 2 kinds would be good, like a butane and a homemade rocket stove. The rocket stove is small and all you need is small sticks, smaller than your thumb; most camp areas have that kind of dry wood. The butane would be handy if you're in a burn-ban area or if there's no local fuel.
thanks guys for the tips, the more i think the better it sounds to just take it small, i was just about 2 weeks away from packing the bike, giving my apartment up and just hoping it works

maybe ill take a trip to flordia soon, not to far, but a good first taste
Sounds to me, like you need to take a trip to the RTR in January!  You are still so young (lucky you!)  don't be in a gigantic hurry to make a decision.  Find some like-minded people to hook up with (should be able to find plenty here)  Take some long trips and see how you like living on the road for a long time  not just a long weekend.  If you have mechanical abilities you may be surprised what you could do for other "travelers"  you just may be able to find a way to make some good money!   Don't get depressed and do something crazy!  Maybe you can find a trustworthy friend so that you can still have a permanent address, if that isn't an option  keep your home base as others have stated , and try it out for a month here or a month there at different locations, different climates.  Have you ever thought of saving up and getting a mypod to pull with your bike.  Makes sleeping way more comfortable in bad weather.  God if I were as young as you I would be jumping up and down with all the possibilities ( but you have to get old to realize that sometimes)  Chill Out, slow down, it will all work out!  If you are good with horses and have that mechanical ability I can't  imagine you couldn't find some work out west if that is the direction you want to go! Oh my, your possibilities are endless!  We are trying to find a group to get together sometime before January to meet up and go to the RTR  together so if you feel like you need friends, you can probably hook up with a like minded group!
Don't let the address stop you, that's easily fixed. I suggest you "move" to Ajo Az and rent a spot at Coyote Howls RV Park for $600 for the entire year!! Yes, I said $600 for the year. That will give you a 100% legal address. It's too hot to be there in the summer but very pleasant in the winter. Or, you can join the tribe just north of you in the winter. In the summer, go north into the mountains and camp in the National Forests. If you don't want to go far you can go to Flagstaff and areas around it just 300 miles away and spend the summer there.

You have options.
im not sure how my bike will pull a trailer, its a small engine but it might do it ok..

i will for sure keep Ajo in my mind as well
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