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Full Version: places near Pagosa Springs, CO?
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I may be heading out to Pagosa Springs next week. mentions several places around PS, but there are no reviews of any of them.

Does anyone have any experience out near Wolf Creek Pass or Pagosa Springs, CO?

Thanks in advance,

Might check with the locals there. I have a cousin that helps with the trading post/ pawn shop there but hold onto your wallet while you ask, it is an expensive neighborhood.
If you are just passing through, a real easy 1 or 2 night spot just east of town. Go East on 160 to Hwy 84. Go south on 84 for a quarter mile to Mill Creek Road. Take a left on Mill Creek road and follow east until you reach the Nat'l Forest signs. Lots of nice pulloffsin the trees.

If you are staying longer, I would check out some of the dispersed camping along the forest roads in the Nat'l Forest west of town. I especially like the north side of the hwy near Piedra Hot Springs.

Don't forget there is a free hot spring (Hippy Dip) in the Park right in the middle of town. It's right under the bridge that crosses over the river.
Campendium shows a few spots, some with reviews
Thanks to everybody.  I've been there and gone.  

Take care,

(07-18-2017, 07:08 AM)Van-Tramp Wrote: [ -> ]Campendium shows a few spots, some with reviews

BTW, Vantramp, I did see some of those.  I was interested in any personal experiences from the tribe.  But again, thanks for the pointer.