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Full Version: Previous travel experience?
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How many of you had traveled quite a bit (a vague term, I know) around the country/continent before starting your current nomadic life? How many hadn't? How many still haven't?
I was dragged along on those dreaded family "road trips" as a child and I am soooooo thankful now! I've been to 44 states and hope to finish the list before I die!
I traveled for years for business, never took the time to explore, I was always in a hurry to get home. I've spent more time traveling or being overseas than I have here. Too many missed Christmas' and birthdays.

Now the kids are grown and gone I want to see the places I have been at my pace and closer. Now it's time I am fighting.
Traveled for work. I miss being on the road, however, I want to do it on my schedule. If you were to draw a line from east border of North Dakota all the way down, I haven't been east of that. (not nomadic, yet)
the rock hard passenger's seat of my grandpa's cabover kenworth is where i put the most miles in,a couple oregon to georgia and back for family
and west coast road trips
now,i road zombie going to the store,not really interested in traveling,not in this country at least,now if i could go to egypt... i'd probably make the 24 hour news shows
Zero. I come from rural Vermont and had done no travel before living in a van.
I was a young Marine traveling in the bands I was in to play parades, concerts, patriotic events. A trip to the Virgin Islands, later crisscrossing the US on a Greyhound bus with just a seabag. Overseas, trips to Philippines, Japan, Guam. The ocean in Guam was the bluest blue I ever saw. Those were the days.
Not a lot of travelling. Have only been to twenty states with multiple trips to some of them. Never enough time to stop at all the places I was interested in even in those. Usually going to some place specific and back on limited time. Going to try and change things up pretty soon though. Running behind.....
(07-26-2017, 07:50 PM)RobndaHood Wrote: [ -> ]I traveled for years for business, never took the time to explore, I was always in a hurry to get home.

When I first hit the road hitching I got more than a few very good rides from travelling salesman. Had some interesting stories, knew the roads and made good time. Usually they wanted someone to talk with to deal with boredom or to keep awake.
I have had an unusual journey. Family vacations when I was young usually 2 or 3 weeks always camping because we were not rich. Went to Philmont when I was 13 years old. Worked summer jobs planting trees living in the forest when I was 14 and 15. Built a dune buggy at 16 and raced and traveled to Canada and a little in Mexico visiting family and friends. At 17 always camping/working. 2 weeks after I turned 18 joined the service and was stationed at Tucson Az. Lived in a tent a year instead of an apartment when I made Sargent and got off base housing allowance in the national forest. When I got out in 1975 in Arkansas I spent most of my time motorcycle camping or in a commune helping others learn how to survive out of the main stream. Sort of homesteaded through college as I had married and had children but still took long family trips in a VW bus and started building a school bus but never finished. Built several dune buggies and traveled both as a family and alone when I raced again always camping. Finally bought and used an old motor home for vacations till kids were grown. Bought a newer restored motor home and full timed in it and several trucks and trailers / tent combinations ever since. Now at 66 wondering what I'll think of to do as I age but I'm sure glad I've done what I have so far. Been in almost all the states now helping my wife see the ones she hasn't seen yet.
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