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Full Version: Quilt batting, polyester fiber as insulation?
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I've read in a couple places of people using
quilt batting, polyester fibre as insulation.

Are we sure this isn't going to absorb moisture and mold? Seems like a great cheap solution if those are non-issues.
How much cheaper is it than polyiso foam?  What r value does it have?
Sorry, the specific use would be for van ribs to prevent thermal bridging. Rigid foam board will be used for the walls etc.
I've worked with the stuff, and I wouldn't use it. If it does collect any moisture, gravity takes it to the lowest point, which would cause rust and/or wood rot. And I'm sure it doesn't have the R-value of polyiso or even styrofoam. Some people think that regular quilt batting (most battings) is the same as PolarFleece that they use in vests and jackets. IT IS NOT THE SAME STUFF, and the price reflects that. Yes, both are polyester, but the manufacturing methods are different. PolarFleece is much, much finer, there more strands, and it holds heat better.

Whenever I see someone talking about filling the van ribs, I don't really understand how they're thinking.

Heat and cold don't move through a van wall like a solid wave, it travels along the metal and spreads out from there if given the opportunity. Stuffing the ribs with insulation of any kind isn't going to prevent the heat or cold from moving along the rib metal surrounding the insulation. It seems to me that the only way to prevent hot or cold spots is to completely isolate the interior from the metal.

Lots of people want perfection in this matter, and they're not going to get it.

You can completely insulate the interior from ALL metal that has a connection with the skin of the van (and that's practically impossible), but you will lose interior space.

Or, you can insulate the walls between the ribs and leave the ribs bare (or covered with something thin, like fabric or thin paneling, which won't be as good as full insulation, but you will gain more interior space.

It comes down to which is most important to you, insulation or space.
Great information. Appreciated.
Polyester batting is what I have in my van ribs. Polyester is plastic and therefor doesn't absorb water. Only the surface tension of water coming into contact with a tight weave will cause it to retain any form of moisture. It isn't the best R value wise but it is certainly better than nothing. Easy to fit into tight spaces and I've yet to have an issue with in sinking down over time.

As far as it not doing anything for radiant heat ... Duh. It's not a radiant barrier. Neither is Polyiso or fiberglass batting. There's multiple types of heat transfer and the thermal bridge formed by the rib is only one type.
What about this stuff?

Used for DIY crafting BBQ mitts, potholders.

I'm thinking for spots and strips between rigid foam