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Full Version: Harbor Freight Wheel Chocks
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I bought a pair of HF's Rubber Wheel Chocks.  Nice and heavy, they should be great for securing my travel trailer.  They absolutely stink of a strong chemical smell, though.  I heard from someone to leave them outside for a few days and the smell goes away, but not the case for mine, yet.  

Anyone use these?  What did you do about the smell?
I use them. I've been using them for about six months. They still smell. I put them in the trailer when I am towing so I don't have to smell them in the truck cab.

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What's wrong with an angled cut off chunk of lumber?
Smell Harbor Freight they should bottle it as an anti skunk spray.
Mine have been out in the rain and sun for a few weeks and are more pleasant to live with.
1+ years and they still stink.

 -- Spiff
Leave them out side in rain and sun. They will off gas and not be all that bad. I don't notice mine unless I get right on top for the smell test.
I have 4 of these ones from Harbor Freight.  Going on a few years,  I think they are great, One of the few items from them I like.  They've always been outside or in the trailer compartment so can't say I ever noticed a smell.
I have a pair also and with the same problem. Right now we are still in our house and so I keep them in the garage. At first the smell was terrible and filled the whole garage. but now after a month of ownership the chocks themselves still stink, but not as bad and does not stink up the whole garage. What others have suggested about leaving them outside for extended periods of time may help. I thought the smell was limited to the chocks, but I have noticed the same oppressive smell on another product as well, so it looks like one gets a little something extra special with HF purchases.
At least people that borrow them bring them back!
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