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Full Version: Question for full timers
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Just out of curiosity, what made you full timers make the decision to live in a RV? Personally I want to do it for the freedom and traveling to photograph interesting things. Hopefully, one day soon that will happen.
I live in a van.  I was coming out of an unhealthy relationship, but have 4 kids to support, so I had to figure out how to live on $500/month.  Where I was before, rent was $500/month, so I had to find a different option.  I borrowed to the limit and got a van.  It's been a transition, but I am coming to really enjoy it.  Always having your house with you everywhere you go is pretty nice!

With Love,

I was FORCED into it, cuz the bank wouldn't let me finance a vehicle as long as I had a mortgage. Although my credit rating is stellar, I just don't draw enough to do both, so that was my dilemma.

I've now eliminated my mortgage by GIVING away the house (LITERALLY), in favor of downsizing to a small travel trailer & a better vehicle. Unfortunately, I'm still in debt, but not near as far. 

I LOVE the lifestyle and the freedom. Also, I'm a cheap SOB and can't find it in me to pay rent or property taxes (what a joke).
Haha Willy very true. It seems quite a few do have to move into an RV or van/car out of necessity though. Big fancy houses are nice to look at but I don't think I would ever want to try and afford to take care of one and have to deal with all the work of taking care of it. Renting seems like a waste of money to me since you will never have anything to show for the money you spend.
I live in a cabin on a ranch in the middle of nowhere in Central Texas surrounded by dying red oaks.  Lately they've been falling on the cabin and the folks who own the place are getting old, anyway.  I knew I was going to have to move because it all couldn't last and the old friends who own the place have iffy health issues.

So I bought the RV, moved in [parked well away from the trees] and began preparing for my next lifetime, fixing the necessaries on the RV.

Sometime soon it will all be done and three of the four cats and I will head west to where they have rocks that aren't sedimentary.

I figure a person needs to keep moving or he finds himself standing still without noticing.  Happens out of the corner of the eye.

Very well said Joseph. I am a good bit younger than most of the folks on this site at the age of 35 but within the last year my life has just felt stagnant. I live in Georgia and havent even been further west than Arkansas and no further north than Nashville. I feel the need to get out a little, if for no longer than 6 months.
 I've also suffered from depression since my teens and I find that living this lifestyle ameliorates the symptoms. Beats taking drugs IMO.
I have OCD and along with that comes anxiety. Also I get the typical winter blues since I like to be out in the warm sunshine and stay inside when its cold. I would like to move around when the seasons change.
A therapist suggested that? I have never been to one but never thought one would consider telling patients to try vandwelling. My doctor (of course) just put me on an antidepressant for it. I was on it 2 years and it turned me into an emotionless zombie. I wanted to sleep all the time and never felt emotions either way, no joy and no pain but it did actually help with the OCD. I decided I would rather deal with the OCD than be a zombie.
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