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Full Version: Do tinted windows affect reflectix?
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Hey everyone, 

I'm expecting to be living out of my car within the next year, so I'm doing all my research now. I will need reflectix in my windows for temperature control, but I was also thinking about  getting my windows tinted in order to prevent people from easily looking at all my stuff. 

I'm just curious: would tinting your windows alter the effectiveness of reflectix at all?
The reflectix isn't doing much anyway unless it's outside. Tint away.
Check state guidelines on tint. In BC it's a sizable fine and if you get the repair order it has to be removed. I remember reading about someone who used a 3m product that actually blocked UV radiation in a huge way. Can't remember off the top of my head but they used a heat lamp and recorded the readings on the clear, cheap tinted and 3m tinted products and it was significant. The product came in different levels of tint all the way up to clear so the guy did side and front window clear and rear limo black. Was not stupid expensive. I looked for the link but...He had a video on youtube as well
I put Reflectix in my tinted travel trailer windows and was able to drop the temp inside by 10 degrees. It seems to hold off the heat that the window glass absorbs.
I'd be curious to see a test with even a thin layer of good foam covered by Reflectix vs a white cover vs a black one.

I reckon the foam does the work, the cover a very small difference.
With a dark tint, there wont be as much radiant heat to reflect. You could use reflectix of course to block the light that does get thru.

A vehicle with dark tinted windows will stay much cooler inside in the summer, and also protect your interior from damaging UV rays. In the winter, the reflectix helps retain heat inside the vehicle.
You want to get ceramic tinting, much, much cooler than standard tinting at the same darkness.