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Full Version: How to install Thinsulate?
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Hubby is getting his own van.  He used Polyiso, reflectix and denim insulation on my van. His bed will be crosswise, and even sleeping at an angle, he needs every inch as he's 5'11". We would still be using the Polyiso and plywood on the floor. But, we've read about Thinsulate and people say it's great, but very expensive. I saw on Amazon, 25 yards of 60" wide Thinsulate fabric is $242 + $6 shipping. That's expensive, but not prohibitive.  I could use his leftovers for window and door coverings, along with the curtain between the cab and the living area in my van where I have no insulation. .No decisions have been made yet.

His question is, how do you install Thinsulate?
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Video demo w/ van:
And here are two (non-video) links from CRVL members on installing Thinsulate.............

The first is FarOutRide's post on insulating a Ford Transit.................

And then here's Hein's post on insulating his Ford Transit........Hein "is" Impact3D the Ebay supplier of 3M Thinsulate .........

Hotglue sticks to everything, has no fumes and drys quickly like in less than 5 minutes. I used that to stick foam to the roof of my van, 4 years later it's still on there tight. As long as the material doesnt melt to the heat, that might be an option. 
Myself if I need to glue something I always try hotglue first before I move to something more potent.
(08-07-2017, 06:18 PM)CautionToTheWind Wrote: [ -> ]Video demo w/ van:

I wanted to thank you for the video.  We couldn't decide what to use! I think it was the most difficult decision regarding the van build out.  When we watched your video, our decision was made... go Thinsulate!!  I watched some others videos who used it and are very happy with it.

We just wanted to thank you for all your research and helping us make the decision to use Thisulate.