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Besides a luggable loo, a bed and a cook stove, what are the 3 most important items you found to be necessary to embark on your travels?

I need to financially focus on the most important items so I can make the 2018 RTR.  So what's your opinion/experience in this area?
I would say food, water, toilet.  You have two if this nailed.  So, managing your fresh water.
For me, electrics is essential, but challenging and expensive. Learn and save up in the meantime.
Some sort of refrigeration will allow a far more varied diet.
My phone with unlimited data. I use apps to find places to camp, use YouTube to watch tv and I can keep in touch with family and friends. You need a phone with a robust tower system. Verizon is the best, but I am on AT&T towers and I can get a signal in most places.

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Power (solar + battery), food storage (fridge, or ice chest will do too), and cookware (stove, dutch oven, etc).

I would place toilet lower on the list as much of that can be resolved with simple jugs and dog-poo bags (or walmart bags). Human liquid waste can just be emptied on the ground away from camp. Solid waste will have to be hauled out to a trash bin (or if you plan on some camp fires, it can be burned as well... though not in plastic bags). Worst case; you can dig a hole and poo in it following proper backpacking techniques.
Assuming you have canned food and a mess kit in your cook stove kit. (otherwise what are you going to do with just a cook stove?)

For me I would want a water jug for drinking water,  lighting, (I like those all in one hand cranked generator weather-radio with flashlight, etc as part of your day will be spent after dark), and a source of fire.  (waterproof matches)

The water jug and matches would be inexpensive.  The generator radio flashlight would be the more expensive item....but it does offer multiple use functions so it would be a value.  The weather radio function would assure outdoor safety, and the other features make life more comfortable.

[Image: hand-crank-phone-charger-emergency-generator.jpg]

Hand Crank Phone Charger Emergency Generator Flashlight USB Re-charger Solar FM/Weather Radio.  Is able to recharge Cell  Phone.    You can waterproof your own matches if you like and save money by doing that.
One could even use a couple of empty 2 liter Soda bottles for water containers.  

Tee Light Candles can be inexpensive at Dollar Stores and some are Citronella (insect repelling) 
Using an empty soda can cut open and pieces of wire from coat hangers will windproof these candles.
Very inexpensive source of light.

[Image: df8ce15a7c72c1fa68ad2bd6840c46ba--homest...rvival.jpg]

Water proofing matches can be easily be done by dipping the heads in melted wax (ether the strike on box or strike anywhere matches work)  or by painting the heads with clear fingernail polish.  After they are dry,  store in an air tight container to keep them dry until needed.   You can buy waterproof matches but they are expensive.  Why not waterproof them yourself with stuff you may already have on hand.
Water for sure. I like the blue cubes. They have a faucet built into the cap.

[Image: 51eAFKbEKoL.jpg]

I'd put a camp chair and a small table high on the list.

I have one of these.

[Image: 71bPDE9YxfL._SL1500_.jpg]

Good cooler/fridge.
(08-10-2017, 09:36 AM)RV-Hopeful Wrote: [ -> ]Besides a luggable loo, a bed and a cook stove, what are the 3 most important items you found to be necessary to embark on your travels?
#1. Van, or comparable vehicle for living in.
#2. Water and food with appropriate containers. (I lump these two together as a group)
#3. Warm bedding or sleeping bag.
Sorry if these are too obvious, but are my top three.
Assuming you have all the bases covered (vehicle, bed/bedding, toilet, cook kit (stove, pans and eating utensils)), and not including the normal, every day basics like food and water (those are the same everywere). I would suggest a power source (AGM battery, inverter and small, portable solar panel) for charging electronics, a source for keeping things cold like a good cooler or 12v fridge (something to be said for fresh food and cold drinks) and lastly something to keep you occupied in your down time...some kind of entertainment or hobby.
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