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Full Version: Fiberglass hi-top "R" value
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Not sure if this belongs here or in the van section, but was wondering what the R-value for a fiberglass hightop would be? I'm sure it's not much, but has to be better than the metal roof, right?

I don't want to take away too much standup height by adding unneeded insulation.
About the same as a bare sheet of cardboard.

At least doesn't actively transmit heat.

You still need insulation, on the floor too
depends on the type of high top.
some are single wall fiberglass, not much R-value.
some are double wall with a cardboard honeycomb between the fiberglass, little better R-value.
some have a foam core sandwiched between the 2 walls of fiberglass these have good R-value.
if you want to insulate I would use 1/2 inch Ensolite foam glued to the inside then covered with hull liner. total thickness about 5/8's of an inch. if you think you need more insulation add more Ensolite. highdesertranger