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Full Version: Rear Doors
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It's the latch, that pops open. The doors are fine and those are aligned good. I looked at 98 and they appear to be the same (Hopeful), so I'm gonna try that.
vehicle door latches pop open for several reasons. worn out is one but that is usually the one on the driver door first because it gets used the most. another reason is the latch and/or the door is not adjusted properly and the latch never fully engages, therefore never really locks in place. highdesertranger
Clean and lube the mechanism. Some dirt or debris may be affecting the travel of the latch.
Check how much latch is actually engaging in the strike plate.
You may need a shim under the strike plate?
Check that the gasket is not interfering with door closure?
Check that all bolts and screws are tight?
These doors can be damaged when left open in the wind. A strong gust can slam the door open and "spring" the hinge or body. There is usually a keeper (strap or metal bracket) to hold the door at a semi- open position, but does not allow for a full swing. If a previous owner took off the keeper and the door got pushed beyond its limits, the hinge or body could have gotten bent, it may be putting tension on the latch.

You may need to take a large hammer and "unbend" the hinge mount.
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