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Full Version: Insulation/Paneling
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I've seen a lot of videos on insulation and paneling but none show the detail work. What's the best way to deal with wires like in pic, and the finish edges around the doors, contours, or even the supports like in the pic?  I was thinking putting these wires in the cavity, but looks like I'd have to disconnect everything to re-route. Also, on paneling, do you just use sheet metal screws to the metal struts and corners, I've seen actually put 1x4 first, but that seems to be just taking space? And do I want to fill that whole space with insulation to match strut? I used 1" but would still need more.  Or long it's there, it's insulating? I'm no too worried about R factor, in Ca where we are, I won't be in van in the extremes.  Very new at this! So many ideas, so little space!
[img][Image: IMG_4260.jpg][/img]
on my van I put the aluminum foil side facing outwards. If facing inwards and inside of the van is hot it will reflect the heat back inside.

On my van I hotglue the foam to all the metal parts (skin of the van) . Since the hotglue drys quickly (less than 5 minutes) I had to cut the foam in small sheets. If the foam is in large sections the glue will dry before I can completely apply it.  The only way I can describe it is how they apply heat tiles on the space shuttle, they use small sections, like a jigsaw puzzle. It works great, the foam doesnt have to be in large sections to be effective. It looks complicated but I just eyeball what size I have to cut, cut it, then if there are any gaps, cut a piece to fill in the gaps.

Thats how I deal with struts wires etc, I worked applying foam around them and then just hotglue foam on top of other foam to cover those areas. Hotglue sticks well to other foam, so you can hotglue layer upon layer of foam to go around obstacles. There are some areas if I can fill it with foam I will, otherwise I just put foam on top of it, if it's a hotspot, you can add extra layers of foam in that area. I wouldnt disconnect or reroute any wiring, I just work around it, especially if your going to put paneling over the foam.

This is just the first layer of foam on my roof, I added another layer to cover some of the open areas, overall there is 3 layers of foam on my roof. Notice how its cut in small sections. The hotglue is very good adhesive in almost 5 years hadnt had any foam fall off.