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OK, i am going to try this again, i am interested in learning how everyone handles their money. I am worried about carrying large amounts of cash with me, but at the same time when it costs $50.00 to fill my van up (or more) how do you guys do it?


Hi guy...we'll have to meet up one day...I have a son in Bremerton and one of the Vandweller guys...Lauren, lives there...

I use credit and debit cards excusively. Credit card for gas and the occasional purchase or repairs and the debit for day to day expenses. I can get $100 cash back with the debit card anytime I want from Wallyworld when I buy something and my income checks all go into my checking account. I do all my bills online with bill-pay through my bank.

My bank is a local bank here in New Mexico so it does not have ATMs anywhere and I don't like paying the extra charges to use any old ATM unless I am out of the country. But the ability to get up to a hundred buckers back works really well for me with no charge.

 I do carry what I think is a prudent reserve of cash hidden in my van for rank emergencies....


Ain't that a coincidence!! I lived in Portales, N.M. for 30 some odd years. Where are you?

Hi ya oldman!  We've got some property in Tahuya, so we're right around the corner from you.  Gawd it's wet out there right now!!!  Hope you are faring well.

We use a debit account, but we also have some emergency cash stashed in a fake fix a flat can.  It's got a secret screw top on it with just enough room to hide a roll of cash in it. 

Take care.



Hey Ol' feller....I am 66 too...
I live in Truth or Consequences. That is our home wife is working and living in the Missoula, MT area and I have two sons in WA, one in Bremerton and one in Pt. Townsend.....

I call NM home but am on the road all I can afford and until I want to just lay up and hang out. Especially nice to be here during the winter unless I go and boot around in the southwest or Mexico.

WOW, small world. I have shirt tail relatives in Tehuya. They live right on the water, at high tide they have water under their house.

And T. or C. , wow, i have been there a time or two. I used to go to Elephant Butte lake and do a little fishing from time to time.

Amazing, can't wait to get on the road and meet some of you guys, and gals.
I agree with Brian, a debit card solves nearly all you cash handling problems. I bank with Bank Of America because they have branches in so many places. But even if you can't find an ATM without fees, nearly every major retailer will give you cash back. Go to Walmart or your local supermarket, buy something, get $50 bucks back, then buy your gas. Lots of places will give you a discount (usually a nickel per gallon) for paying cash. Works great for me. Bob

Bob , If you get a Walmart gift card and put money on it , pay for your gas with it and get 3 cents a gallon off . You can reload it as often as you like .

The Walmart gift card seems like a good idea.  Especially if you're not a fan of banks, like me.  At 7-11 yesterday I saw a pre paid Visa you could put money on that probably works the same way.  Better than the ol can in the tool box.  We only dare stash enough for gas emergencies, but I am soooooo mad at the banks!  It pains me to be forced into using them.

Way small world!!  My parents and brother are just outside of Missoula my uncle just moved to Port Townsend a couple months ago!  Crazy.  Our property is by Tee Lake, just up the hill from Dewatto Bay.  Are your friends near there?


Funny, My wife is living in the Bitteroot valley in Lolo. I don't know the specifics so much of the surrounding area so don't know of where you all are talking about. I know Pt. Townsend and my ex-wife's place and my son's place and the marina and transit lot where I stay a lot there.

In Port Angeles I end up visiting Gary Gearloose and Mike and Heidi and that is about all I know....

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