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Full Version: "You needed me"
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Sorry for the click bait. A forum member(s) helped another forum member. Person who needed help, was some distance away. 
Is there a 911 type thread on the forum in case someone need's help? A quick go to thread or sticky post or something? Not all forum members have or want face book.
A map of contact's, when your on the road traveling that could come to your aid? 

Just a thought, when I heard Ann Murray's song, " You needed me ", this morning on the local radio station. It made me think oh how a forum member(s) helped another. Heart

I really like this idea thanks bringing it up. I am disabled and getting my build together to set out on my adventure. Next weekend is my so called test run going out for 5 days. I don't comment much but would be nice to know one quick click and someone who might be close would be willing to help would bring a little peace of mind.

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I just had to add the song from you tube. I hope that's ok.
just post"need help" anywhere and someone will be there
Join a forum for whatever brand/model of vehicle you have. There's lots of info there and if you have a breakdown, close by 'inmates' may be able to help. If not directly, at least with tech help.
You might be really surprised at the response you would get if you posted a HELP
on this forum.   Having assisted in a rescue with another denizen of this forum, I can say people would try to  help you.

I was camped alone in Mammoth, a woman driving down the dirt road hit the brakes and jumped out of her truck. I asked if she needed help, she had been stung by an insect and feared it was a bee sting as she was allergic. I helped, got some meds, looked at the bite, etc. As we talked she asked if I was one of "Bob's people". She has been watching YouTube and plans to retire and become a nomad soon. I told her I didn't know Bob but I had camped in Ehrenberg with his group and I had attended the RTR, so I suppose I am one of Bob's people. We seem to be everywhere. And we seem to be willing to help others. It is nice.

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