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Full Version: Woodland park, colorado
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Small-medium sized town.
Good sized WallyWorld, plenty of fast food, Diamond RV park provides showers for  $5,  no Home Depot or Lowes, but some smaller contractor type places and HW stores. No place to refill propane.  Groceries at City Market and of course Walmart. 

Decent place,  lots of dispersed camping to the north of town off of Rampart Range road. 

great cell phone reception.
Looks like they have a Tractor Supply Store and I think most if not all of them refill propane for you. A few places i've been, they were the only people in town that offered it.
Good point,  I will check.  I  should have checked last Sunday,  the local HW stores were closed,  TSS was all that was open.  I  bought some HW there.
You were right,  Tractor Supply does refills.