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Full Version: Boondocking options on the East Coast
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So how about it? Anyone care to share their favorite spots?  I will start.....Ocala National Forest in Northern Florida, Hog Pen Landing dispersed camping, right on a lake, but not for big rigs.
The Allagash Wilderness in  the Northwest woods of Maine. Camp on the river, share your campsite with the big guys (moose) and never see another human unless they are paddling. There are some camps that charge, but there are plenty of free sites if you know where to look. I camped, frequently around Moosehead Lake. It's been about 7 years, since I've been up that way. Looking forward to revisiting it this summer!
I reallllllyyyyy want to go to Maine!!!
I'm planning on spending my spring and/or summer in Maine! I've been checking out all the info about free blm land too!  I can't wait to see a Moose! 
Tumblibg creek cg, cherokee national forest, near copperhill Tn and ducktown, Ga. nice creek, great lake, usually quiet.
You'll love Maine in the spring & summer. That's the best time of year to spend in that state. Once fall starts to roll around it will start getting a bit cool.<br /><br />I was stationed at a base in Limestone, Maine (Loring AFB) which was located less than 5 minutes from the Canadian border. You'll find quite a bit of great land to boondock. That state has a quite a bit of forest area. Very beautiful in the fall too.<br /><br />I was there for 2 1/2 years. So you can say that I saw more than my share of four seasons. 


When I took my van trip back east to see friends and family several years ago, I told myself I was not going again. I spent some of my early life and early teenage years there and used to camp a lot in the Catskills and Green mountains of Vermont as well as rockclimb in the Shawangunks in NY.

On the latest trip east I was traveling and not just hanging out so I tried to make the big "U" from Montana east and back across the south for New Mexico, in two months. I had a terrible time finding places to camp....once I left Michigan going east it got very difficult to find campgrounds along my route and RV parks were almost non-existent. I ended  up traveling much faster due to that.

I am used to the west where you are never far from a campground or RV park and public land is everywhere. Also truck stops and Walmarts are everywhere and you can sleep in all the truck stops and many of the Walmarts. You all may have better luck than I did and I hope you do but that was it for me. Never again....
On that trip I had my first Cop banging on door at 2 in the AM experience....And I was parked in a truckstop that I had asked permission to park at.

That has never happened to me in a lifetime of vehicle camping in the west...

As usual and I hope, YMMV....

Where exactly is it? We're near there and never heard of free dispersed camping there unless you walk in with a tent.
I camped there 20 years ago. Don't know how to get there by myself.(Ocala National Forest in Northern Florida)
A warning, rules can change fast. A place that was good to camp at a few years ago can change. 
Hog Pen Landing is NOT in the Ocala National, but is in the Osceola National, perhaps that is why you couldn't find it. It is listed as a Hunting Camp and a Primitive camp. Although it doesn't really say, I assume this may be a walk in only.
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