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Full Version: Recycled denim and mold
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From this post on Reddit:

Holding moisture and rusting panels.
That's why I always recommend pulling the rubber floor mat and the sound deadening material below it.

Mine weighed about 3 times what it should because of the water retention. I haven't seen one yet that didn't get wet somehow - rain through open doors, spills, people climbing in from the rain etc.

Also why any absorbent material makes for bad insulation.

The manufacturer doesn't care about water retention, the floor is going to last longer than the vehicles' life expectancy anyways.
yep, never use anything that absorbs and/or holds moisture. highdesertranger
Denim requires a moisture barrier. If it was sealed in plastic, it would be more effective in vans. Well-build houses are drier than vans.

It is treated with boric acid to prevent insect infestations and mold, and to make it fire retardant. Without the moisture barrier, it will still absorb moisture, encourage rust, but it might not mold much.