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Full Version: BLM land near Penrose/Canon City CO
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Someone was asking about BLM land in Colorado.  I'm headed this way sometime today to check it out.  This is called 
Penrose Commons WSA.   If it looks good, I will probably stay there for the next 14 DAYS ONLY!!51499&query=sitedetails

If I do stay here, I'll post a report on my observations. 

(09-07-2017, 06:57 AM)pnolans Wrote: [ -> ]  If it looks good, I will probably stay there for the next 14 DAYS ONLY! 

Make it 13 nights or else!!!

I would prob stay 15 and then post about it. See if anyone would take the "bait" and start screeching at their screens. Lol. And no I didn't mean anyone who is currently a member of this here fine forum. I was talking about those other people, the ones who let me into their heads for FREEEE! They're silly.
Big Grin

I have learned my lesson, gentleman!  

I would never admit it in this forum.  

The Royal Gorge campground near Canon City offer gree camping for 3 days, & my impression is they unofficially let people stay longer without hassles.

Also the Canon City rec center offers FREE showers if you go there before they open for the public.
Whoops, typo alert: gree=free
(09-07-2017, 09:10 PM)VanForNow Wrote: [ -> ]Whoops, typo alert: gree=free

I was thinking it meant ALMOST green!   Cool
I stopped by here yesterday on the way further south to pick up my Jeep.  Talked to a fellow who was camped there with a travel trailer.  

Very little shade in the places you are allowed to camp.  I was told that there are plenty more campsites further down the road, but that the road is pretty rough for most trailers; mostly used by 4X4 and ATV's.  Much hotter than where I had been; lower elevation; plus lack of shade as I mentioned. LOTS of flies, for some reason; again, compared to where I had been at 9300 ft.  

Not a bad place at all.  I might stay there some time in late spring , or early fall, which is only a month or 2 away.  It's about 30 miles west of Pueblo, which is generally a lot warmer than Co. Springs... except when THEY get a snowstorm.  Then, it's definitely Colorado, and you best like cold weather! 

Hope this helps somebody.  I'll report on places like this when I run across them.  
I'm hoping to go by Ophir Creek Rd (sometimes called Greenhorn Mountain Rd).  Part of San Isabel National Forest, popular with 5th wheels and such, as well as more primitive campers; such as Sasquatch and people like me.  Ugh! 

Supposedly lots of dispersed camping sites. 

It was 28 f here this morning I am told. I am already seeing patches of yellow on the hill side. So if you are hot and fly bitten, it is because you picked the wrong altitude. We are heading up even farther to Leadville today.
Stay for two days, go somewhere else for ten, come back and stay for a week!
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