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Full Version: Spray adhesive
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used the 77 spray adhesive to put my insulation to roof of trailer, ones I did not use silver tape on fell down. I shook can, held 6-8 inches away sprayed insulation, waited then attached.
Came home and several fell down.
use the 90, it didn't react with the insulation, did it? smaller pieces will also help. are you planning on covering the insulation? 1/8 inch ply will hold it up. highdesertranger
3M 77 won't cut it for your intended purpose. 90 will do the job for sure!

Here's a handy chart for picking the right grade based on what materials you are looking to bond to one another:

+1 on the 3m 90 Adhesive. That stuff is the best. Also holds up to heat pretty well. I used it to hold up some Thinsulate insulation on my ceiling before I had a chance to build an actual ceiling. It held everything up there on the metal skin of the roof in the AZ summer and is still holding strong.

I've also used it on a few other projects and it hasn't failed me yet.
cut the foam into smaller pieces that might help. 

Worst case you can't get nothing to stick, get some hotglue, thats all I use in my van. It sticks to everything foam, plastic, metal, and drys quickly like less than 5 minutes. On my roof I got almost 3 layers of foam, I hotglue foam on top of other foam, almost 5 years later the foam is still on there tight. Also no fumes.
The 90 has a tendency to eat polystyrene (Styrofoam). The foam sculpting department at work uses Foam-Lok adhesive. It's easy to use and works well, though I'm unsure about how well it would adhere to metal.
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