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Full Version: Boondocking along I-40 in western Oklahoma
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Hello Everyone,

I will be spending some time in October in western Oklahoma between Oklahoma City and the Texas border along the I-40 corridor and would like to know if anyone has experience with boondocking along that path.

I will be doing documentary work on Route 66 so I am not interested in covering ground quickly as it may take up to 2-3 days to shoot video in some places depending on how the weather is and, of course, allowing for time for choosing the right spot, etc.  Believe it or not, I actually walked the entire length of the highway from Chicago to Santa Monica 12 years ago, but, unfortunately, when you are walking you don't have the time to do this kind of work, but I don't want to let this experience simply go by and want to preserve it and all the experiences that happened along the way. 
I am familiar with the park in Elk City that is on and plan on using it.  I also know that there is a Walmart SuperCenter in Yukon, Weatherford, and Elk City and have actually stayed overnight at the one in Elk City.  Other than that, I know of a handful of truckstops through there.  It looks like that there are some hospitals in some of the towns, but I have never overnighted at any of them.  Obviously I am trying to save on gas expenses by not shuttling myself back and forth for very long distances.

I would welcome any suggestions and if you know of anyone personally that lives along this area that might let me even park in front of their house at night that would be great too.  I have a 2002 Dodge conversion van so it is reasonable stealthy and set up to live in.

Thanks for any help anyone can give,
Hi, Dennis.
Are you doing the documentary for YT or another project? I've no experience in OK, but interested in Rt 66.
[Hi RoamingRaven,

Thanks for your reply.  I appreciate your interest.

This is definitely an indie project, and I am still in the process of deciding how I will use the footage.  YouTube is definitely one of my considerations. 

I was very fortunate to have chose the time that I did my walk because many of the original owners of many of the businesses were still actively involved and I got to spend time with many of them.  Sadly, many of them have passed away since. 

Besides the walk being unique in and of itself, I actually spent 1998-2005 living in towns along the route and walking on weekends, etc. so I really got to absorb the highway and its people.  I wouldn't say that I not the old road better than anyone, but I sure would rank myself among the most knowledgeable.  Still, as most things do, the old highway has changed over the years.  I took a drive this summer from Oklahoma City to Santa Rosa and was shocked at how much many things have changed.

Gettin your kicks on Route 66, eh? Wink

I spent the night in a Walmart in Cheyenne OK while I was visiting the Washita Massacre Park nearby. Dont know if that helps.
Hi Lenny,

Yes, I definitely got my kicks back during that walking journey and something tells me I am in for a whole different type of kicks now.   Smile

Thanks for the tip.  I will check that location out and see if it will work.  I also realized that there is a Walmart Supercenter in El Reno on the old highway so that will help too.

Since you already have the WMT locations, add these to your list...On I-40, east to west: 

Clinton, exit 66, about 1/2 mile south, Domino Fuel Stop. Showers, gas, plenty of parking in the back. Boondockers stay there often. Route 66 Museum in town. Lucky Star Casino nearby...they may have overnight parking in the overflow lot.

Sayre, exit 26, a TA truck stop and an 'other' truck stop on the north side. By 'other' I mean you will figure it out if you stay there....I wouldn't.

Sayre, exit 20, Flying J. Self explanatory. Huge. Lots of room out front.

Oklahoma Welcome Center near MM10, overnight parking on both sides of the highway.

Eric, exit 7, Loves. Some parking. Gets busy and crowded at night.

Texola, exit 1. Closed store and cafe the last time I was there but you can boondock on the lot. RV park next door.

At Shamrock, exit 163 on the Texas side there is a small Valero (or whatever it is this month) along with a McDonalds with overnight  parking out back.

McLean, exit 142, Country Corner, boondocking, great hamburgers! Fantastic Steakhouse in town called Red River Steakhouse. 

Heading west, just past Johnson Ranch Road (exit 132) , Gray Country Rest Area. MUST SEE! Interior Windmill. Pictures on the wall by RT Hicks...a friend of mine. Stay there overnight just to see the colored lighting everywhere. Pretty cool. Great view of the area to the north.

Groom, exit 112, Giant Cross. Not sure about boondocking there. Possible.

Conway, exit 96. Loves..again, small and crowded at night. 

East of Amarillo, just past exit 87. Picnic area, no services to speak of. But you are very close to the Pantex Plant and the Rick Husband International Airport, so dont fly your drone if you have one!

This will get you to the Amarillo area where you have some experience already. Holler if you need more!

Perfect Brian...thanks!!  I will add all this to my list and it will help a lot!

I am familiar with all this areas from when I walked the highway, but obviously I wasn't boondocking back then. 

I do miss the old Cowboys restaurant near the Texas border in Oklahoma.  I don't remember the number of the exit, but drank many a cup of coffee there, and always for .25!

I have lots of memories from that McDonalds in Shamrock.  I sat out one serious storm there!

You are right about the rest stop.  It was built while I was past the area as far as walking, but I have stopped there several times since and have seen it at night too.  I just didn't know that you could overnight. 

The first time I met Bob Waldmire was in McLean, if you know who he is. 

This past trip when I broke down, I stayed at that Love's in Conway overnight.  You are right it is small, but I went right to sleep when I hit the sack and didn't wake up until morning. 

Me and the Walmart on the southwest part of Amarillo are now pretty good friends.  Smile

I won't be venturing further than the Oklahoma/Texas border on this run because of all the cost of that breakdown this summer, but that is okay too.  I need lots of time to shoot videos, etc. and I don't want to rush that.  Plus, I need to get that done before the weather turns cold again.

Thanks again for ALL the info!!
Elk Citizen here. I would suggest places, but you already named them. Smile If I can be any further help just let me know. Best of luck!!
So you are an Elk City girl.  Very cool!  I have some good memories of my time on my walk through there, even though it was one of the worst heat waves in Oklahoma history and it nailed me!  As a matter of fact, it was really hot when I was there this past July in my van so I spent the afternoon at the park on the west end of town with all my doors wide open and under a tree in front of the pool.  Hopefully it will be a lot cooler when I am there in October!  Smile
Yep to that from Sturgis above, I drive that route at least 2x a year and car camp in either Loves or other truck stops, any reasonable motel chain parking lot and occasionally a McD's, though they are usually either a small parking area or tied into a fueling place.

Of course my Prius doesnt stick out much as "who'd be sleeping in a Prius?" That saying is for good reason, it's cramped...
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