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Full Version: Electric clock in van running on solar?
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Sorry I couldn't figure out where exactly  to post this question.  I really want to purchase a wall clock that has big numbers and letters and tells the time, am or pm, and day and date.  I can't find one that runs only on batteries. Some have battery backups but I can't find one that doesn't use electric as it's main power source.  I am building out my Ram Promaster van and plan to do mainly boondocking.  Does anyone know of a clock like I want that only runs on batteries? If not can I run a clock off electric without using too much of my solar battery.
  I realize most of you don't believe in clocks or watches. However due to medication times plus waking up in middle of night I want a large clock I can see without putting my reading glasses on and also one that tells day of week, as one of my meds MUST be taken every three days.  So please don't lecture me about not needing a clock or watch.  Thanks.
If a clock runs on battery back-up, would it not simply run on batteries?

And, if it does run on battery back-up, then that is a D.C. current which could be matched and wired to your house battery bank without the use of an inverter. I expect amperage would be minimal.
many ham radio clocks run on batteries, there are many options here,

also travel alarm clocks would be an option. also RV clocks that run on 12v. highdesertranger
^the above link is for wall clocks.  battery powered I presume.

I am getting tired of writing descriptions for links.   I am going to start deleting posts with no descriptions.

Sorry, again. When the URL makes the content self-evident. . .

But yes, I'll try to remember, but am a bit disabled that way. Feel free to just delete, I won't take it personally.
stupid. Oh! sorry! was i thinking out loud? I like my "atomic" wall clock that sets itself to correct time every mid-night. It doesn't help with day, year. sorry about that.
At Amazon search for "lcd clock large display" and you will see several clocks that might work for you.  Since they use two AA batteries they do not have lights on all the time.  You have to push a button to have it light up.  

I had a similar  clock with a small display.  It lasted less than a year in the heat in my van.  A cell phone might be a good backup.
I use an Oregon Scientific battery operated weather station - the clock is battery operated and updates automatically.  The additional weather info can be very useful, the second temperature unit a huge benefit.

 I have an older model of something like this:
I know it's old-fashioned, but what about a watch? Once you're in the habit, you always have it with you.
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