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Full Version: Insulation Advice?
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Hi all, 

I have been researching until my head is about to explode. My van is a E350 cargo van but the PO opted for windows all around. I am adding a hardtop in a few weeks so the only concern I have for insulation at this time is the areas beneath the window. I have no flat wall area, just nooks , crannies, and cavities. 

How/what do I fill these with?

Thanks In advance,
I used polyester batting
Wood battens to fix luan or thin plyboard to.

Polyiso panels, Menards has good ones. Go thick as you're willing to, 4" would be ideal from a desert A/C or ski bum winter boondocking POV.

Ceiling most critical, walls nearly as much, floor least thick.

If you want extra thorough ABC maybe more trouble than it's worth.

A reflective sheet facing out, should have an air gap.

B stuff the cavities fill them up, maybe even Great Stuff lightly around/between edges. Do not fill spaces to outer panels, don't block bottom panel drip holes, allow some air circulation to the steel or you might trap condensation and rust from the inside. Ventilation to fight human humidity will always be important.

The main event:

Get all wiring done, or leave channels.

Flat panels between battens.

Then C Mylar sheeting if you like, shiny side facing in as much vapor barrier-ish as possible.

Then make it pretty with wood, fix shelving.
There is a lot to be said for  *cross pollination*  when it comes to ideas. 

In matters of van builds, I *highly* recommend Mike of Backroads Vanner.  His web page is excellent,
but better still his youtube videos---well produced, well thought out, & easy to follow. 

In matters of insulation, along with all other van build issues, Mikes instructive videos are first rate. 
Here is his youtube link for van insulation.  State of the art info.

  [Image: cool.gif] Charlotte