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Full Version: Relationships with non-nomads
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Just a follow up. I've let it (him) go. After another long heart-to-heart, it's time to move on. I hope we remain friends and can share a meal and some conversation when I come back to the area to visit my son and grandson.
Just found this thread ( see Off-Topic and Chit-Chat... Humor #734 & #735 as to why ) and would like to add that based on what you've written & how you've written it and the you behind all that, I'd vote for you to lead our nation.
(10-04-2017, 11:05 AM)mothercoder Wrote: [ -> ]Definitely not.  I always vet people I meet and as a paralegal I have some easier access to public databases that allow me to check marriage and divorce records.  Also, I've been to his place many times.  No evidence of anyone other than a teenage daughter in residence.
paralegal here also. I track people through Court records. It can be done in every state except Tennessee. You have to call the Clerk of Court. They are trying to change that. Men are much easier to track because they never change their last name.
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