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Full Version: Styrofoam beads
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I have a small cargo van (unibody construction) with lots of hollow open spaces in the back.

I plan on using polyiso foam board, wherever I can find a flat place glue it.

My question is, would filling up those voids with styrofoam beads be a good idea?

I know the spray foam is a bad idea, and dtugg fiberglass isn't much better.

I'm not sure if there is a better product that I could use?

These areas should stay dry (not like a door, where moisture can get in through the window seals) and I'll be using a propane furnace (propex) so moisture from heating won't be an issue.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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Argh, I had a beanbag chair break open once. Those damn little beads get into everything everywhere, and because they electrostatically cling to all sorts of things they are an enormous PITA to clean up.

I wouldn't want them anywhere near the inside of my van.
How about packing peanuts? Bigger then the little BB's in a beanbag chair. Good Luck
I hadn't thought about the static electricity.

I think the packing peanuts would be too big, to fit in the little spaces, and allow too much airspace in the walls.

I'm trying to think if there is another small material that would fill in the space, and not collect moisture from the air

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Seems to me I saw some sticks and bricks that used double glass windows that blew in beads at night and sucked them out during the day to allow solar radiant solar heating. I would think there would be some settling due to vibration and possibly dust if not air tight.
^ I agree with Lenny. It is an awful day when the bag breaks and your windows are open.
You're NOT going to completely insulate the van, no matter what you do. Do what you can and don't obsess about the rest.

Cut and stuff

Cheaper than Thinsulate.

Also cover **over** your steel posts and beams, do your best to minimize any direct metal-to-metal conductive path from the outside into the living space.

For those who need/want that level of course.

Most don't.
Thanks John, I will check that out as well... Seems like a better value then thinsulate

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if anyone decides to use packing peanuts make sure you don't use the biodegradable ones. the dissolve in water. highdesertranger
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