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Full Version: Travel - AZ - Crown King road, near Prescott
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I followed the instructions on freecampsites
I'm about 3 miles from the Interstate.  Great for October in AZ.  Wind is blowing , pleasant sitting in the shade.  It's about 3500 ft elevation.  I have a nice flat spot at the top of a hill... the road , which is unpaved, gets a surprising amount of traffic.  So, I'm a little bit from the main road, and not getting as much dust as someone parked right ON the road would get .   

ATT and Verizon internet is great, as is cell phone.  I can actually see I17 to the South East.  There are lots of hills , so that's my only view.  Although I'm not in the middle of nowhere (NOW), it feels like it.  

I like this spot a lot, and hopefully will stay here for the whole 14 days (since I don't want to RUIN IT FOR EVERYONE)  .   Big Grin Tongue

Of course, this is a boondocking spot; so no services.  Also, haven't seen a Class A or a 5th wheel, it's hunting season, so there are hunters out here.  And it is rifle season.  Haven't seen any hunters hunting, though 2 are camped about 50 yards away.  They left early this morning, and I didn't even hear them.  Very considerate folks.  I mention hunting only because that bothers some people. It does NOT bother me.  

This is a view toward the West from my hill.  

thanks for the review Pat. highdesertranger
(10-13-2017, 01:26 PM)pnolans Wrote: [ -> ]I like this spot a lot, and hopefully will stay here for the whole 14 days 
Looks great. Prescott temp at 1:00pm 75 degrees, 15 mph wind.
When I hear " Prescott, Az. ". I think of this photo: 
Public Domain,
Pic was taken winter 1879-1880 in Prescott, Az. Doc sent that pic to his uncle. The uncle that gave him a diamond stick pin, before he headed West. 
My "Doc Holliday Bible", is this well researched book "Doc Holliday: The Life and Legend." by Gary L. Roberts.
Prescott public library, I would think, should be in there library. 
Enjoy the 14 days.
Well, blmkid, I might have to take a ramble on down toward Prescott. 


(10-13-2017, 02:14 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]thanks for the review Pat.  highdesertranger

My pleasure.   I have a mission now.

Big Grin Cool

Crown King brings back memories. I was going to buy a cabin adjacent CK, however, land could not be purchased with it plus the long dusty/rough road, I passed. A great road for 2 wheel'n/quads into Crown King.
The weather map chose Cordes Lakes as the nearest weather station. 

The closest town with a post office is Mayer AZ, 86333.

About 10 miles on dirt road from here.
Sounds like you are King of your hill Pat.
(10-13-2017, 08:04 PM)jimindenver Wrote: [ -> ]Sounds like you are King of your hill Pat.

Something about big fish and little ponds. ...better yet,  the ONLY fish. 

Big Grin
I just left the Prescott Natl Forest. Was camped off Senator Hwy. Great weather. Only stayed for a week, but it was a great week.
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