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Full Version: My perfect rig....
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Dunno where this goes but if the mods want to move it...that is good!

If I have a primary obsession that has been with me is the quest for the perfect, truck, van, car...whatever! But in this case it is the perfect RV for my own needs/wants...

First I need to decide what I need...then it has to be affordable and realistic. And then it has to be common enough to get parts for and be repaired by a fair mechanic...(me or a Mexican shade tree wrench)....

Well, my totally favorite and perfect vehicle is the Mitsubishi Delica van. Small diesel engine, 4wd and convertability....BUT I would have to emigrate to Canada, not that bad an idea, but Canada is too expensive for me...maybe Mexico? dunno yet....will have to do more research....but you cannot bring them into the states as a personal vehicle.

That said, the thing I have most recently realized might make the grade for me is a full size AWD Astro or Safari van with the top hatch/barn door rear doors. This as new as I can afford...maybe the last year...

Then modified with a lift kit and larger truck tires. Rear adjustable air shocks like my Chinookie has. Then a salvaged pop-up VW Westphalia lid and upper bunk.

I won't go into the things like P.V. setup, etc. I already know how to build it out and install what I find valuable.

I will have to let go of the diesel idea due to the very powerful corporate lobbies that keep certain vehicles from being imported....when I checked with a vehicle importer regarding bringing a Delica into the states legally...I was quoted 30 to 50 k$ in conversion costs...meanwhile all manner of US made diesel crap rigs are running around polluting like there was no tomorrow, completely unregulated in any reasonable way. Enough to make me want to tear my hair out...

Anyway...any ideas as to your perfect rig or ideas about mine?
Not familiar with the Delica.  I'll have to do a bit of research. 

I think we've found our perfect rig.  Might have gone a little bit larger than needed, but I think in the long run the extra space will be benficial.  It's taller than I would have liked (expected), but I don't think that will be a major detriment for us. Probably didn't NEED diesel (and it's currently 1.00 a gallon more than gas: 3.93 vs 2.94) but we just spent a week tooling around the mountains and there was power to spare. Didn't seem to notice the inclines much. I'd rather drive a little less (for financial reasons) and have the higher torque of the diesel.


Good points Seraphim....and it sounds like a perfect set-up for you and yours....

I do like your combo. I don't know if you ever plan south of the border trips but if so, it is easier to find diesel than gas and in every other place in the world it is actually about a buck cheaper than a gallon of gas.

My interest is different than many on here...I want a van type config. I need to have comfortable sleeping for two...either at least queen size or two bunks, the diesel is a dream and not to be had in what I want or can afford...a Sprinter would be great but way too expensive. And I  want 4wheel drive or allwheel drive due to where I want to go. Not essential but very desirable. 

An idea I regularly visit is a truck like yours and a camper like a small Bigfoot or Six-pac or home built. I really like something that I don't have to exit to get to the drivers seat though.

Our travels will be primarily south of the border, not for sure, but if I live long enough,  as far south as South America, so there are things that will make that much easier, safer and much more conducive to accessing places not ordinarily visited by road tourists.
Seraphim Wrote:Not familiar with the Delica.  I'll have to do a bit of research. 

Probably didn't NEED diesel (and it's currently 1.00 a gallon more than gas: 3.93 vs 2.94)

Where are you?  I wish we had gas prices that low!!


Haha, that must be just an example....I haven't seen below three bucks anywhere in all my summer travels...I'd like to find some too...maybe he means is about that there least the gasoline...
Well, maybe we should head down there, then.  Cheap gasoline, cheap tequila... Beans and rice.  That's about all I need!


January for this old man....right after or when I get tired of the RTR...
No... Just two days ago regular prices dropped like crazy. Was about 3.64 then suddenly under 3. Just north of Cincinnati.

Right now my gas buddy app is showing 2.93 in several places. Figured it was pre-election manipulation. Lol

Diesel Dropped about .10


I bet you are right...on the sure isn't hitched to anything else that we know seems to be pretty arbitrary...I like it when it drops tho...
Pity the diesel didn't drop as well. We spent our time in WVa paying $4.19+
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