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Hi All,

Hope you are all well. I got my new van set up. There was a recall on my 2016 Ford Transit so had to get a new one. I settled for the next larger version. In any case, I bought 9 sheets of pink panther insulation but have NO idea how to install it. I really can't have glue on the walls because of my health. Another issue is that the large High Roof, Extended length vans have NO middle rib so you can't really put screws in to hold it in place. Framing out the interior would work but I know nothing about framing, sooooo.
Actually, I feel totally OVERWHELMED  Huh when I look inside this huge, empty van knowing there's only me to do all the work involved. So, if you know where I should look on this forum, please let me know. 

Cloud Woman
did you get the rigid foam or the one that comes in rolls? if its the rigid one like in the picture, you can just hotglue it to your van.
hotglue is non-toxic, doesnt have any fumes and drys quickly (within minutes) all the foam on the roof of my van is hotglued there. Almost 5 years later it's still on there, never had one fall off. 

But to hotglue you need to cut the foam in small sections maybe 1 foot by 2 foot or smaller, put the hotglue on there then put it on the wall quickly. If you try to put hotglue on a large section it will dry before you can lay the glue down. Just wear gloves because the hotglue is very hot if it gets on your hands. It will be like a jigsaw puzzle, cuts don't have to be perfect, any spaces that are open fill it in with a smaller section. I eyeball the cuts, then fill in sections that are open, it goes quickly that way, you finish in several hours. Any way later on you will be covering the foam with paneling etc.
If your there with a ruler and trying to make all the cuts perfect it might be a several day job. You can use a boxcutter or just a hacksaw blade to make the cuts.
The best thing about hotglue is later on if you need to add another layer of foam, just hotglue it on top of the first layer, hotglue sticks to everything including other foam.
I use this hot gluegun from harborfreight cost 21 dollars, I had it almost 5 years. I run it off my 200 watt inverter. You can use the generic hotglue sticks from harbor freight, they are general purpose but on the short size. You can buy 5 pounds of the long gluesticks on ebay for 20 dollars. They all seem to work the same. 
after thinking. if you are using rigid foam, what is the problem with a little construction adhesive?