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Full Version: Drycamping near the Utah border
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I am about to launch.   I plan to go to somewhere near the southern border of Utah on 15
Somewhere between   Cedar city  And Mesquite, NV  

Any recommendation?   Any place to avoid?

What about nearby water, groceries, gas?  

Thanks you for your help!

I have All stays, but the info looks to be a bit old, and doesn't really have anything on the surround area for services
Happy Launch, Kat!! Here's a link to Free Campsites. Just remember, it's user driven so read the reviews of the sites.!86432

I was there a couple of weeks ago. I camped above La Verkin on the highway (or just off it actually) that goes into Zion NP. It is a few miles off the interstate.
It was a stunning location. The road was a little rough but there were others with vans and cars that made it in just fine. It is actually on and called the "BLM Circle" if you need directions. However, best directions I can give you is to turn right on the dirt road immediately after the BLM sign at the top of the hill that climbs out of La Verkin. Being that it is BLM the whole area is free camping.

La Verkin and Hurricane both have plenty of anything you need...good grocery stores, laundry, and the Maverick on the corner going up to the corner has water.

If you want to go a little further south, past Mesquite, Overton is a great dispersed camping area close to Lake Mead. It is on the highway that basically bypasses Las Vegas. It is in the National Recreation area which charges a fee but the camping is free. A National Parks pass gets you free entry though.

I stayed in Gooseberry mesa for a bit this spring. It is between Hurricane and the Utah/Arizona border. Actually it is off of Main street (a dirt road) in Apple Valley Ranch on the back side of Zion I am told. The Walmart in Hurricane is RV friendly. The Texico north of town offers free fresh water, dump and trash if you put any gas in and it is the cheapest gas in town. The Laundry on the south end has the best machines I have seen this year and the town has pretty much everything you need.
The northern Arizona strip is a great little adventure. The national park campground used to be free. A bit hard to get to but very near the rim.