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Full Version: how to make an insulated curtain?
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(03-02-2018, 09:03 AM)Kathleen Wrote: [ -> ]May get Freedom ready to roll, then have to play music on the street corner for gas $$  Cool

You won't need no gas when ya got ya some nano-crystals....

I swear, I read that in a very informative email from Nigeria, so it MUST be true...

I am also concerned about minimizing storage space needed for the window covers. Even if very thin and perfectly flat, a stack of them would take up a lot of space when not in use.

The insulation is rarely needed, I'm more interested in the privacy, want complete blackout ability for when stealth is required.

So I'm thinking a very thin tough fabric that is 100% opaque

and easy to fold or roll up into a tiny package,

combined with strong magnets, either lots of small ones stitched into an outer seam, or the flexible strip style.

Having them "permanently" attached along the top (maybe just bigger stronger magnets) and rolled up when not in use held by strips with velcro would make them easier to deploy each night.

Suggestions for the fabric, ideally with source links, would be appreciated.
Remember, Reflectix itself is only useful if you're exposing the foil directly to the glass

Ideally pressed right up with no/minimal air gap.

If you are putting fabric between the foil and the glass, there is no reason to use Reflectix, might as well be useless bubble wrap.

If you're going for stiffness, I'd say look at luan or coroplast

If your goal is insulation a rigid foam board.
Another idea for the goal of minimum storage space.

You know those plastic "whiteboard sheets" that just use static electricity to stick to drywall?

Something like that, almost as thin as flimsy trash bag stuff, but fully 100% opaque.

Maybe needs a mist bottle sprayed onto the glass and a little squeegee to help it stick.

Peel it off in the morning stuff them all into a little ziploc.

Should be cheap enough NP if they break easily.

Any ideas out there for a suitable type of sheet plastic for that?
BTW, you can buy off-the-shelf blackout 'privacy' curtains at any major truck stop chain. Of course, they are made for the typical conventional truck cab windows. I used the RoadPro brand.

They attach to the sunvisor brackets up front and usually the seatbelt anchors on each side. I still have one I used for years...its made of a sturdy and tough poly material of some kind. 

No insulation, tho.
(11-06-2017, 11:30 PM)John61CT Wrote: [ -> ]A big beautiful heavy Indian blanket or Pendleton would be my choice, but not cheap.

Oh, I like this idea a lot. Years ago I went to Mexico and came back with a bunch of heavy wool blankets to sell. They are long gone now but I imagine someone is importing them somewhere.

If not you can get really heavy Korean “mink” blankets on Amazon for less than $100. (Heavy as in they are called “9 pound blankets” and things like that.

Eg : Chezmoi Collection Heavy Thick One Ply Korean Style Faux Mink Blanket 9-Pound Oversized King 105x92" (King, Black)
> BTW, you can buy off-the-shelf blackout 'privacy' curtains at any major truck stop chain.

But at night with lights on inside, not sealing perfectly enough around the edges for stealth mode right?
No, but someone might be able to adapt it to their the trucking world privacy has value....but stealth? 

(I realize this  thread is a couple of years old now, but no doubt somebody else will eventually ask a similar question )
I didn’t make any, but I bought some cheap on Amazon.  I’m currently driving a Dodge journey SUV. One panel was enough to cover across behind the front seats, and the second panel I cut in half lengthwise and for now I have only pinned each piece to the length of the windows.  I’ve pinned them to the ceiling - it’s fabric so Velcro won’t work and I don’t want to glue or screw anything at the moment. 

  As in your case, putting the tension rod on the ceiling wasn’t working on account of the curve so I did push mine over top of the handles which are a little too far back. What I’m doing at the moment which is more for privacy then warmth is to pull the curtains over the front seats.  I’m sure it would work for warmth as well, if I tucked the curtains properly around the seats. 

I expect to be switching over to a van, and my plan is to get some moving blankets to hang.
Right now I have 2 fabric shower curtains hanging behind the driver's seat... black shower curtain I got at Walmart. It faces front. Decorative curtain facing living space I got from Amazon.

When I insulate the van I'll sew thinsulate insulation between them. Thinsulate is good insulation for all curtains. It is made for sewing projects.

A shower curtain (fabric type, not plastic) is the perfect size for my Ford van. I have mine hanging from a curtain rod and there's a narrow space above I'll have to make a second non-movable curtain for.
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