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Full Version: how to make an insulated curtain?
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I did not read back through the ancient thread. Just wanted to say that you can buy "black out" curtains at Walmart for $10-12 or so. Single or pair. Each panel of the pair is 37"x84".
The blackout curtains also come in shorter lengths, 54" (IIRC) worked perfect for me behind the front seats and no sewing hems. It also seems to stop the cold from getting to the back easily. I do know it is easier to keep the back warm this way. I used command hooks and put grommets in the curtain top. I put the white side toward the back to reflect the light better at night and the pretty side to the front but hey I am a guy and don't care if I look at fru-fru or not. Rather not most of the time.
Every van is different. Mine is an '04 Honda Odyssey and the logical place to put a rod for a blackout curtain is at the molding at the top of the seatbelt attachment which is flat. Now the hooked end of a bungee cord will fit in there and can be turned so the round end of the bungee hook faces out (I cut off the cord of an old bungee). Do the same on the other side and I'm hopeful that it will snugly fit into a 3/4" piece of pvc. If not, I will run a cord or a wire through the pvc to the other side. That still leaves an 8" gap on top where the sides are curved above it. So I intend to cut a piece of blackout cloth which is cheap to cover the gap and then mount it to the top with velcro or 2 sided tap.
It will be like a valance.
The pvc will just be holding a curtain, nobody is doing chin-ups on it so it should work. And there's no point in putting up a blackout curtain if there is an 8" gap above it for light to shine through because that defeats the stealth purpose of the whole thing.

I'm not going to be living in this van at all but when I sleep in it I want to have stealth and privacy.
I will be making my cab curtains with 2 good quality fabric shower curtains, with Thinsulate sewn in between. I've also considered using rip stop nylon on one side. I got a nice decorative shower curtain at Amazon.
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