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Full Version: how to make an insulated curtain?
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I'm currently doing insulation on my van.  I have a metal bulkhead installed between the cargo area and the cab, with the center panel converted into a swinging door so I can move between the two areas without having to leave my van.  I was originally thinking of packing the partition itself with insulation, but because of the way it's built I think this is more trouble than it's worth.
My plan is to put in a curtain just behind the partition that will insulate the cargo area from the cab, as well as blocking light.  I'm looking for ideas on how to do this - I was thinking of lining a space blanket with blackout material and using that, but it was also suggested to me that I use Reflectix as the center of the curtain.  
Has anyone done this before?  Any advice is much appreciated.
If sewing isn't one of your talents then the easiest thing to use is a moving blanket. Get one as close to the dimensions you need as possible, cut as little as possible and figure out a way to hang it.

I quilted my own matching curtain material to make an insulated custom fit curtain that runs all the way around my driving area because I could. The quilted material works wonderfully for blocking heat from the sun and keeping out the cold when needed. A moving blanket will be heavier than my quilted curtain but might block more heat/cold than even mine does.
Using shiny inside is pointless.

Thickness/density, think heavy wool, and completely blocking the opening.

Quilted or "doona" comforter style, not down though, that will settle hanging vertical.

A big beautiful heavy Indian blanket or Pendleton would be my choice, but not cheap.

Also google "insulated curtains" or "solar window covering" for ideas
x2 on moving blankets, shop around- some are thicker than others.
Found one that was black on one side, gray on the other and the perfect height for my van.
Ditto on moving blanket.

Home Depot 72 in. x 80 in. Non-Woven Padded Moving Blanket, Navy/Black
$13.71 /each

I have two of these and keep one folded and stored for really cold nights.
with my military tent we hang blankets on the walls. wool, fleece, even cotton. makes a huge difference. highdesertranger
Thrift stores will sometimes have insulated curtains; will have blankets and quilts.  Hang a sheet in front of it if you don't like the pattern.  Reflectix won't give you much insulation.
If you go the moving blanket route, consider installing a 'curtain rod' in the spot you want the barrier, and hang it with METAL show curtain hangers. Just use an ice pick or something to poke holes where you need them, and push the small end of the hanger through the fabric. These:$478$;

And if you want to fill in the curve of the roof, add something else from the top to hang down to the rod, instead of trying to make the blanket do both jobs.
Insulated drapes are available at walmart and many other stores.
Can anyone tell me how to hang insulating dark out curtains behind the front seats in a minivan? I tried a spring rod but the walls are angled and won't hold it. The handles above the second row doors are too far back.

I have not made any alterations to my T & C but will if necessary. Anyone else with a minivan and heavy front curtains have ideas?? Down both rows of side windows and across the back too.

Can get pretty cold and windy in Q in January.
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