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Full Version: Are there local network ch off air signals in the slabs or quartsite
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I too would like to see your antenna plans. I have a uni-directional radio shack antennai that's supposed to pull in from over a hundred miles away. But no such luck. The only station I get load and clear is CBS and that's because it's 6 miles from my location in NW Florida.

TIA Wade
I have had very poor luck getting over the air reception at Quartzsite,
I have the amplified batwing antenna that comes with most RV's.

since I like to watch football, I always end up going into town and watching the playoff games at the bar.

 I use Direct tv for almost 99% of my viewing.


Since the Digital transition, many stations that used to broadcast in the VHF ranges(2 to 13)  have switched to the UHF bands (13 to 69)

After the Digital transition changeover, few if any stations broadcast on 2-6 or 51 to 69.

While a "digital" TV antenna is just marketing mumbo jumbo, an antenna optimized for channels 7 through 51 can( not necessarily will) be better than one designed to pull in the former wider ranges.

VHF high(7-13) travels further with less broadcast power.  VHF antenna elements are the larger rabbitt ear type of element.  UHF elements are the smaller shorter bow tie or ring type element.

My antenna is similar to the one in the following video.  I used red oak for mine and sealed it for outdoor use.  Instead of coat hangers I used 12 awg copper grounding wire, and brass screws.


I have the antenna hose clamped to am extendable tarp pole, and clamp that to my spare tire carrier.  The bottom of tha antenna sits about 8 feet off the ground when fully extended.

I added some rabbitt ears to my antenna because almost every VHF high station in my area is utilized.

The Sensar/ Batwing antennas are good at receiving VHF stations.  After the Digital switchover they came out with the 'Wingman'  which clips onto the sensar and concentrates UHF signals on the elements.  It is under 30 dollars.

A new TV antenna came out called the Jack antenna that former sensar owners claim works significantly better.

Digital TV seems to require much more exacting aiming of the antenna.

If you make an antenna like in the video, symmetry is very important.  This does not show my antenna in it's most recent form but gives you an idea.

[Image: alien_zps17ab189e.jpg]

I used to just move the VHF elements to sit flat and strap it flat on my roof for driving, but now I have just been removing it entirely and leaving it at my parking spot when out.   So I have no antenna when out and about.
I've found TV reception to be strage at times.  Hills play a big part.  Didn't get any in Quartzsite, got good reception in the south part of Kofa NWR.  Only spanish channels in the reservation just over
the AZ/CA border from Yuma, ok reception off Ogilby road. 
There is a hardware/software package for computers called WinTV (or something similar lol). I paid about $70 for it several years ago. Comes with a small collapsible antenna, but can be hooked up via coaxial cable to a large exterior antenna. The prgram scans for broadcast signals, and you can watch them on the computer.
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