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Full Version: Are there local network ch off air signals in the slabs or quartsite
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I like to keep up with a few tv shows. I am planning on heading out to AZ or to the slabs this winter.
What should I get to watch / get a signal. does off air work in no-man's land? I was thinking a dish but hate the thought of another monthly bill
I absolutely love this forum. thanks Bob - good work
thanks everyone
thanks for that link to internet tv. I would use that in a pinch but streaming eats up massive amounts of data and I would only have 2-4 GB per month
Yes, but I don't think they have many local channels. Quartzsite is an actual town, and Slab City is 1 mile west of Niland, CA.

I have never been out to the west. I am trying to find out: If I go visit Bob and his band of friends at RTR would I be able to get any of the network channels? I know it's remote areas and I guess that is my bigger question. On BLM lands when you boondock can you get access to television without streaming it through the internet?

That link is NOT internet tv, it is OTA( Over the air) broadcast TV, what you can get for free, with an outdoor Antenna.

 The map show the relative strengths of the TV stations and the direction they are broadcasting from and where to point the antenna

It has been pretty accurate in the locations I have parked.

None of the stations listed for that site are particularly strong, so A high gain well aimed antenna will be necessary.
sorry, wrcsixeight, I guess I should have spent some time reading the site.
It sounds like really useful info and I have bookmarked it in my road trip folder.
I can get stations upto -80 DBm with my homemade antenna at my current location

NBC and CBS at quartzite are listed at -84 and -87 DBm, so if you could get them in with a good commercial antenna mounted high, they would probably drop out during some conditions.

The purple stations are analog, and might be watchable.
I found my best TV reception comes in Damp/ foggy weather.  When We get super dry weather I lose stations that are usually strong, so perhaps in QZ, none are really viable unless you mount a huge channelmaster up on a huge pole.

But only reports by those who have been there are really viable.
wrcsixeight, thanks for the info. I'll have to search google a bit harder for off air reception on blm land. I haven't really found too many folks talking about this. It is either a no brainer to get stations or more likely that the people who boondock do not watch much TV.
wrcsixeight, Can you share your homemade antenna plans with us? Are you using your digital TV tuner to receive -84 and -87 DBm? I'm not on BLM land but high in the SW mountains (9,500 ft right now). I installed dish because I could not pickup anything else. I have been told by others in the area that I could pick-up El Paso, Tucson or Phoenix if I have the right antenna.


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