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Full Version: RV water fill in Blythe?
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I an wonder if anyone know where I can fill my freshwater holding tank in Blythe.

I know I can buy water by the gallon at glacier...but, just want to get a fill once I finish the drive down.   Also, I will need to get refills about every 2 weeks as long as I remain in the area.

A quick search via google revealed only an RV park.....I don't really want to pay for a night just to get water.  

Thanks for your help!
if I see a hose bib outside a business I just ask. also another good source I have found is local water companies pull up during business hours and ask they usually charge a nominal fee. I think the most I paid that way was 5 cents a gallon. once in a certain desert community the water was some weird price like .028 cents per gallon and it was on the honor system. I looked for my calculator and just said eff it and put 3 bucks in the box for 60 gallons. highdesertranger
Can you tell me the name of any business. I can google the address.

I was reading that many places have stopped allowing it. Don't really want to hunt all around as the sun is going down after I arrive....would be nice to know where I am going to get the job done and find a camp place.
The laundromat/store in Ehrenberg is only a couple miles from Blythe. $10 for dump, water fill, and trash dumpster. I heard it was $2 for water fill only, but I dont know for sure. We usually dump and fill at the same time. Just east of the laundromat about 1/4 mile is a water kiosk. Have never used it so cant tell the cost of that one.
Here's a little more information about the water fill in Ehrenberg -

 We've also used the Flying J on the other side of the interstate. The sanidump website has it as closed but we used it last year. It seems to plug up periodically so you can't count on it being in working order. Also it has a strange setup and I can't remember where the fresh water fill is located.

 The laundromat is a better place to go.
You're looking at Blythe because Ehrenberg is only a very small blip on the map.

Blythe has the grocery stores but both Ehrenberg and Quartzite have the RV facilities that you need.

Ehrenberg has both the laundromat and Flying J. as previously noted. 

Quartzite probably has a dozen places to fill and dump including another Flying J.

Almost all of the RV places, btw, allow you to fill and dump for a nominal fee even when you're not staying there. There are very few RV places that do NOT have dump/fill services for the public (not registered guests). The only ones I've found that don't have dump stations etc are the ones that have turned RV parks in to 100% permanent resident facilities and no longer have overnight spots available.

Oh, and trust me on this, Ehrenberg is so small that you won't be 'hunting' when you get off at the Ehrenberg exit. It has only one exit, the laundromat is 1 block north of the exit, the Flying J is visible from the exit.

Blythe on the other hand has 3 or 4 exits.... Smile
Thank you all!

I am delayed in Colorado....but, the day will come when I actually get there. I just no longer predict when that will be....having been wrong so many times I lost count
I didn't mention this because it's more than a few miles outside of Blythe. but the Coon Hollow campground on Wiley Well road has water that I have used before. highdesertranger
At one point in the not too distant past, the water company in blythe had a dump and water fill. Not sure if they are still doing it. I can check with the friend who mentioned it.

Perhaps this would be a good topic to post: specifically where water fills are located,
dump stations, and even LP locations, without having to read down through a long post.
Many people coming to the area would be saved having to drive all around.
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