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Full Version: F150 vs. Van
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Which is more reliable, a used F150 truck or an E150 van? In general. I have an F150 with a camper shell. With my arthritis and general fatigue getting in and out of the back is an issue (just preparing to possibly live in it, not there yet). So I'm thinking I'll have to trade it in for a van, but am very nervous about the prospect. I've been burned before buying a used car. Not a lot of savings now to reserve for emergencies.
Since zero people buy a e150 to be cool  Big Grin  but plenty of people buy a F150 to be cool I'd take a WAG that that average pickup has seen less hard work than the average cargo van.

Vans are the most common platform for a reason, although there is also traditional advice here to start with what you have.   A teardrop or a-frame trailer might be a good combo for someone who already had a pickup.
I agree that most vans get used harder than pickups. Most vans are service vehicles. Most pickups (not all) see their life the same as most cars. I'm sure some will disagree.

Personally when I ran fleets I always prefered vans. I feel they have more options than pickups. 

As far as which is more reliable depends entirely on the vehicle itself. Mileage, maintenance, wear and tear, etc.
Passenger vans are becoming a rarity and hard to find, the odds are a cargo van has been worked harder than an equal cargo van. All the things being equal, the truck is a better choice.

However!!!! ....

A van will have much more room than a truck. An F150 can't handle much of a camper and most are short beds. It's really hard for most people to live in a shell, much harder than a van.

On the other hand, if you tow a trailer with the F150, you'll get more comfort than a van.
The F150 is easier to work on. I suspect the build is a bit tougher, but couldn't say that for sure. 4x4 is a factory option, though I gather that is not the case with yours.

Do you have a canopy or a camper? I have canopied Ranger and like it a lot - but as I set up camp outside the rig it is not at all stealthy. Cargo vans have that in spades.