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Full Version: NY Times article today on Overnighting at Walmart's Free Parking
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Nice article today in the New York Times: Overnight in Walmart Parking Lots: Silence, Solace and Refuge®ion=top-news&WT.nav=top-news

Interestingly, as of right now, it's the second-most-read article!

As of this writing, the comments section reflects primarily positive responses, and appears overwhelmingly supportive of Walmart to keep providing this helpful, free service.
It's the best place to park. There's food, water, wifi, bathroom, and security.


EDIT: And I am happy that it's not the typical "pity the poor bums and homeless people living in their vehicles" thingie that we usually get.
Very nice photography.
Thanks for posting it. The writers did a good job with photography, gave a reasonable description of those who have to stay in WM due to necessity, and must not have visited some of the ones I have been in, or culled their pictures to eliminate the gypsy camping. It was a balanced article, supportive of the usage of WM, and was not "bad press" for van dwellers.
I've spent MANY nights in Walmart parking lots when I drove a big truck. I made it a habit to not park in one if I was pulling a trailer but sometimes it was unavoidable. The two I spent the most time in were in Lawrence Kansas waiting on my trailer to get loaded with garage doors and Owensboro Kentucky. After dropping off a loaded trailer full of glass jars going to Ragu I'd bobtail over to the Walmart for the night, do my shopping and get a quiet night sleep. The yard was across the street from Ragu but there was sooooo much noise from the spotters moving loaded and empty trailers back and forth is was almost impossible to sleep the night thru. Walmart does have a few parking lots that have designated big rig parking spots as well. Vandalia Illinois and Lamar Missouri are two that come to mind. York PA won't allow you to park there since it is in a mall type setting. There are security guards roaming all night long to prevent it. Sometimes they'll let you park there long enough to shop but they expect you to leave right away. One thing I always got in a habit of doing was to pick up trash and put it in the trash cans on my way inside the store and always push the carts to the corral on the way that people just leave where ever. They let us park there so I tried to do my part and be a good visitor. It never ceased to amaze me at how nasty some people could be.
Have to say a well written article and the photo the tell the story. Just had to read it since the opening picture was the WM in Pooler that I go to on a regular basis Big Grin
An author's voice free of judgement, how refreshing!

Nice photos too
I've only stayed at one for one night.Kind of noisy'but I was glad to have a place to park.
There are 2 in Nebraska that have big rig parking whether in a truck/ trailer or a class A. One on each end of the state. One in York and one in Sydney. There is also parking at cabello at Sydney. All allow overnight. Wy also at most locations. Wy is not bad after a winter in AZ
Ah I saw it today too - kinda held my breath until I read it but like most, was pleased to see that nomads weren't portrayed negatively EXCEPT for the guy "Sunny" (?) who said something like "Most people you meet out here are running from something" - and then was quick to say that HE wasn't running from anything.  Rolleyes