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Full Version: Alamo Lake and Bouse Arizona
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I'm pretty new to the site and noticed that there isn't much information on two of my favorite boondocking areas, Alamo Lake and Bouse.

Alamo Lake has plenty of nice boondocking sites with easy access, fishing, hiking, ATV trails, and lots of wildlife. Gas, and propane are available at Wayside which is near the boondocking area. My Verison hot spot works in some areas including where I'm camped right now.

Bouse, just over the hill from Quartzsite, has nearly unlimited boondocking and is in a different BLM district than Quartzsite so once your 14 days in Q are up you can move a short distance to a place where the 14 day limit isn't often enforced. You can choose a spot in the mountains or out on the gravel bars. City water is available at the county park for 5 cents per gallon but isn't real good for drinking. Much quieter than Quartzsite.
frankly I am glad my favorite spots aren't on the internet for all to see. highdesertranger
Thanks for the review. I don't mind sharing the areas we have used because like the area we used for the Colorado GTG, they tend to be huge. That area as big as it may be is but a pimple on the butt of the rangers district it is in with boondocking throughout. That district is but a tiny portion of the boondocking available in Colorado. Add to that the trails I take the trailer down eliminates about 90% of the competition and I never have a issue finding a new incredible spot.
Bouse also has an active VFW.Some good folks there.
HDR if you post some really remote and difficult ones you no longer go to maybe it would thin out the crowd!!!
There are some spots on Plamosa Rd in the pass between Bouse and QZT that are much nicer than the flats on either side.
(11-19-2017, 01:22 PM)MrNoodly Wrote: [ -> ]There are some spots on Plamosa Rd in the pass between Bouse and QZT that are much nicer than the flats on either side.

Those are beautiful camps, but tend to be crowded because of it.
What is crowded? For me, it's when I cant take a leak in a reasonable distance from the cc and NOT be viewed. When that scenario dosen't exist, it's time to move on.

As for sharing locations; I do share some OK locations with the noobs. As for my GREAT locations, I might share a couple with
someone I have known for some time and can trust they can be discrete..
Going to bullhead city anyone know of some good boondocking places?
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