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Full Version: Insulating the floor.
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Hi all,

As I get closer and closer to freezing temperatures, I'm thinking I should insulate the floor of my van as well.

Right now, my floor is just the metal floor that came with the van, ridges and all. It's always cold to the touch now, and I imagine I'm losing a lot of heat that way.

Does this sound possible?

Any thoughts on the best and/or cheapest ways to insulate the floor?

It was 41 degrees last night, and did well, without using all of my blankets/warmth, so I'm feeling pretty good about getting into the 30's the end of this week.

With Love,
Wood is a good insulator. You could put styrofoam between the wood and floor. Carpet padding and carpet. Any combination of these would offer insulation.
 You can buy those interlocking closed cell foam floor tiles. Slap down a few sheets of blue polyurethane foam first and you'll have near ecstatic toes. The foam tiles are nice because, aside from a nice high R-value, they cushion the floor. Throw a thin carpet or runner on top to keep wear down.
 One thing to remember is that heat RISES, so it's somewhat more important to insulate the walls/ceiling/windows. ..Willy.
I like your idea come up with quite a few good ones...thanks.

yesican Wrote:I like your idea come up with quite a few good ones...thanks. Rae

I'm just chock fulla sh.. ideas.
Read this about staying warm. It is on the cheapGREENrvliving site,which is a sister site. It will give you a lot of ideas on how to stay warm and get your van/dwelling more tolerable.
Yes, I am comfortable sleeping, etc.  I'm just trying to keep the heat in when I run the heater.  I have insulation along the roof, the walls, etc.  just have not done the floor.

Willy, I think those foam things is a great idea.

The main reason for doing the floor, is because I have various holes in the floor (not big ones).  I plugged them with silicone sealant, but there are still leaks.  I'm just trying to improve my warmth

With Love,


Here is what I've done to insulate my van floor:

layered rv patio-rug on the bare metal floor then laid R3 1/2" pink insulation board on top of the patio-rug then covered the R3 with 1/4" marine-grade plywood.

I have blakout material across the van behind the front seats - where the safety wall had been - otherwise no other insulation, yet the inside temp was 61F overnight with a 550W oil filled radiator-style electric heater & the coldest temp at night so far has been down to 19F.

(Still getting the rest of 'Cum-fe' insulated to withstand the upcoming cold Canadian winter)
Our first van was a '77 Dodge cargo van, and laid down plywood, numerous layers of carpet padding and then a tight weave carpet.  We slept on the floor in a sleeping bag.
Allergic...I like your idea and then put that mat thing on top that Willy talked about and'd have one warm floor....Rae
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