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Full Version: Need help in La Grande Oregon
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Hey all! I finally escaped WA state and am on my way to Pahrump but didn't get far because now I'm stuck at the Flying J in La Grande Oregon with a coolant leak.  Thankfully its small but there are no shops open today that the fuel desk is aware of.  Anyone nearby, can assist,  etc.?  My roadside assistance won't help much because it will only tow me to the closest shop within 10 miles.  HELP!
where is the leak? is the vehicle overheating? highdesertranger
I can't tell exactly.  The drops on the ground are center of the engine(Too much crap in the way to see if it's the water pump) and about 6 inches towards the passenger side. It hasn't lost enough coolant to overheat.  Thermostat seems to be working and there's no strange noises.  I just discovered the leak this morning when I was warning it up to take off.
the center of the engine up front? I know it's kinda cold there right now but lay on the ground and look up at the lower radiator hose is it wet? highdesertranger
I can't lay on the ground.
ok, is the radiator full and is the overflow bottle within the lines? highdesertranger
Make sure it is coolant, if you have been using the defroster and then sat long enough it could be condensation from the AC evaporator drain hose. What make of motor/drive train/Class & Manufacturer of RV?

Bottle empty,  can't see down the radiator
Nope,  condensation isn't green and my a/c doesn't work.
What type of rig do you have?

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