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Full Version: South Dakota may not be for you if you owe on student loans
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I know that SD is a popular state to declare as a domicile because it’s so easy. But if you’ve defaulted on student loans you may want to think twice.

TL;DR: SD can and will revoke your drivers license if you’ve defaulted on student loans, as well as any other professional license you might have. If you’re in the van life because you’re broke, and student loans are part of your problem, be aware of that...
That is absolutely insane. My student loans, all $30,000 of them, are up to date, but how does SD expect you to make payments if they take away your license? Why not go ahead and toss us into debtors prison?
It says you'd be Ok if you get on a payment plan. If you're not working full-time you can get several different types of forbearances. Reduced payments,etc.
There are millions of Americans in the functional equivalent of debtor's prison, whole jurisdictions that get most gov revenue from fees and fines, it's a huge systemic problems here.

Up to now mostly only applied to minorities though.
this is only for loans that were guarantied by the state of South Dakota. if your student loan is from another state they don't care. I guess the lesson here is don't become indebted to any government agency. highdesertranger